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First Before and After Project

Well here it is for better or worse, the first of many B and A’s to come  I was given this pink faux velvet chair and it’s been kicking around waiting for a new life. Since I said I was going to give less expensive solutions, I figure I’d better put my money (or lack there of) where my mouth is. Since re-upholstery isn’t free, I checked our shed and found all kinds of paint bits that I couldn’t ignore any longer. Normally I would shriek at the thought of paint on upholstery, but I figured it can’t look worse than it did, and if it does, I’d just have to save my pennies to have it changed or learn how to do it myself……ANYway – you be the judge.  Two coats black flat latex, four coats watermelon semi gloss latex and a dab of white. Funky new chair.

Update: after living with the chair for awhile, I don’t recommend painting fabric on chairs. The fabric becomes hard and brittle and very uncomfortable. I guess I’ll be learning how to re-upholster after all! Oh well, that will be another post…..

HOLD UP!  One month after I posted this Before and After I found a product online called Simply Spray Upholstery Paint. I’ve never tried it myself, but there are testimonies that sound pretty convincing.  If you’ve tried it, let us know what you thought. Add a picture or two, too!


Pink Chair

First Before and After back of chair


4 thoughts on “First Before and After Project

  1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. I like the look. It’s a pity it isn’t comfy. I’ve tried Tulip fabric Spray which is quite similar to Simply Spray, my experience wasn’t positive. The fabric felt just as stiff and uncomfortable.

  2. Help! You’re amazing at giving old pieces of furniture new life and I’m about to buy 2 adorable mid century lounge chairs (1974 Thayer Coggin) and they’re in desperate need of re-upholstering. Any tips?? Have you tried yet? Please share your experience if so!!


    1. Wow! That’s a compliment! And I’d love to say”oh yes darling, it’s a breeze” but I have to tell the truth and say no. I haven’t reupholstered anything in the proper manner. The chair I painted is still holding up even in the rain, but I am determined to eventually do right by it. I would check out the blog Curator’s Collection. She’s awesome and could give you valuable advice. Super easy to talk to. I’d love love to see your chairs when done. Good luck!

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