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Quick Fix

Here’s a quick little fix for under $2.00 that you may find useful. Okay I realize my photos leave something to be desired – sigh – still learning but…… Duct tape! No longer is grey your only option. No no! There is zebra, leopard, skulls, checkerboard, neon pink etc. I opted for plain brown, to make my hubby’s darned recliner look like it almost fits in (I’ll get rid of that thing yet). The benefit of the tape being sticky is that it holds everything in place while making the blind look better. A twofer!

What I did for this quick fix is measure off a piece of brown Duct tape the same width as the blind and taped it directly on the tear. I repeated the process on the back side of the blind, not just for the looks, but also for the re-enforcement of the tear. The tape itself is quite forgiving and allowed me to re-position it until it was just right.

Side note, if your blind is too torn at the bottom but still long enough to make this repair, consider removing the stick at the bottom, cutting off the damaged edge and folding the new edge up to make a “new” bottom that you will have to glue or tape in place. You can still use duct tape to customize your look. Another trick is to use sticky Mac Tac and cover the whole blind, or left over wall paper can do the job just as well.

Whichever way you choose, you’ve saved yourself some money and made your home a little cuter.



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