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Trending: Dipped furniture

A great look that’s trending right now is Dipped furniture.  Basically it looks like you’ve taken an item of furniture or an accessory and dipped it in a can of paint. The trick, I think, is to make it stop at an odd place so it looks less planned and more random.

In my example, I’ve taken a sad blue end table from a past (failed) exercise and given it a trendy new look. I love white furniture, but I really felt this particular table needed some personality. Hence the yellow “knee highs”. It adds a hit of colour without overwhelming the piece.

To achieve this look, I painted the blue table in a flat finish white latex, taping off the height I wanted the “socks” to end and painted the legs a sunshine yellow latex, flat finish. You could definitely try this on unfinished wood for an even more contrasting dipped effect, or the dipped paint could be a semi or high gloss finish. I may go back and paint water based polyurethane in high gloss on the yellow legs to give it a textural difference in addition to the visual difference. Easy peasy.



yellow dipped legs

Paint from Home Depot.


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