Think INSIDE the Box!

Papas box      Papas box

Everyone has seen one, or has one, or knows where to get one – the old wooden box. I found mine in my Dad’s shed. Covered in dirt and cobwebs I still saw potential.  So I say to myself  “What will I use my new-found treasure for?” Of course the obvious answer is this way:


Or this way   IMG_1767

Or this           IMG_1769

Or this           Papas box

But maybe not this.  Pepsi in box

This is the way I ended up using it:

box after

And this is how it got that way:   Papas box Three picture hangers with the little nails they come with. I could have screwed directly through the wood into the wall, but this would have ruined the integrity of the box. I used plugs and screws in the wall (if you are lucky enough to have studs in the wall area you are working, plugs are not needed) plus down the line if I decide to use the box in one of the ways above, or as something else, I can remove the picture hangers and off I go. I also want to point out that if you are using this in a child’s room, be sure to sand any rough edges and make sure no nails or slivers are poking out anywhere. Wouldn’t it be fun with casters on the bottom filled with stuffed animals or blocks or craft supplies?

Sometimes thinking outside the box for what’s inside the box can produce something unexpectedly useful!


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