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Waste not = New look!

What to do with leftover wallpaper?

Here are a few suggestions; but first be sure you keep a good piece for unexpected tears etc. if you still have a room using it!

Frame it as art:


Cover an ugly book:


Backdrop a cupboard, hutch or bookshelf : Wrap, then tape or glue the paper around some coreboard/cardboard that you have cut to fit your unit. This way you can change it up as often as you like and there’s no damage to the unit itself.


Cover a lampshade:

IMG_1922    IMG_1923

Line a drawer:


Change a teeny space:



You can also decoupage something, matt a picture, slip it under glass on a tabletop, make envelopes for picnic cutlery, wrap a present etc!


15 thoughts on “Waste not = New look!

  1. Love your ideas here! I really like the idea of backing book shelves with wallpaper, and as I have lots of new samples lying around it is something I may be trying soon 🙂

  2. Ugh I wish I could borrow you for help with my teeny space! It’s amazing how quickly a decent size ranch house can feel too small with a family of four!

      1. I will have to take measurements to be sure, but our biggest bugaboo is our bedroom. Two adults, a queen sized bed and two dressers…you have to walk sideways to get around! Definitely not the relaxing space we want it to be!

  3. I am impressed by the quality of information on this website. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon.

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