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Knock Knock

No joke! It’s time to freshen up the front door – and paint is a great way to add a one-two punch for a small amount of money and effort.


Classic black is always a good choice you can’t go wrong with, but now I need to beckon summer…..LOUDLY.  It would have been a no-brainer for me to choose Red since it looks great with Grey and Black, but it’s also a little expected.  Heaven knows I can’t go that route, so I narrowed it down to either a bright limey-yellow or a breezy tropical blue.  I took pictures of the colour chips for you, but of course they don’t translate well on the blog (there’s probably an App for that).  I’ve been seeing yellow doors in magazines and other blogs  and j’adore, so I just had to.

Once my glorious husband sanded the door, (just for the record, I am fully capable, but thrilled because it’s not much fun) I was good to go. (Is there an App for that?)

TIP! Since I didn’t paint the door originally, I couldn’t know what they had painted it with. Oil used to be the paint of choice for exteriors, but people often do what you least expect, so to be sure I doused a cotton ball with nail polish remover and rubbed it on a spot on the door. If the paint goes on to the cotton ball, it’s latex. If it stays put, it’s oil. (Dang, the nailpolish remover messed up my nails – note to self: next time, wear gloves.)

It was oil! This means I get the special plastic primer for painting latex on top of oil, and then paint it in latex – it also helps that the government now says “No” to oil paint!  Also they need to be exterior paints. But you knew that. (the can actually says interior/exterior).


The brand I chose the colour from doesn’t make High gloss paint,  so I had it colour matched to Behr paint which does.  The original choice was Sapling by ICI paint purchased at the Home Depot. One coat of primer, two of Sapling, $40.00 less in my wallet. But it’s like walking into sunshine! (There is no App for that!).


Here’s my one-two punch!  I figure I can always go back to Classic if I want, it’s only paint!

30 thoughts on “Knock Knock

  1. I LOVE your new yellow door! It definitely screams summer. You couldn’t have chosen better, such a huge difference from the black!! I’ve been tossing the idea around to paint my door. Maybe you have inspired me!!

  2. I forgot to add that the door mat adds just the right touch, tying the black and yellow together. Very classy!

      1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post Affirmation, Gratitude and Family! I appreciate your time and attention. :~) I still love your new door! Indeed, there should! :~)

  3. I love it too. Yellows and golds are warm and happy colors. They are perfect for conveying hospitality and the door mat was a great way to “marry” the colors.

      1. The mat is most suitable as well. It is just so perfect. I normally am not very keen on yellow, but this is certainly mind-opening. =]

  4. Believe it or not I applied the same colour on our front screen door this summer! Ha! I had the fellow at the hardware store tone it down with a few drops of black. I love how it turned out… good choice!

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