Martha Stewart would cringe…

Martha once did an entire program on using the right tool for the job. I was right with her. Ya! You go Martha! Right tool!

I was right with her, that is, up until the time I couldn’t find the THIRD paint can lid pryer-opener thingy I bought in as many weeks. I was forced to use a screwdriver/spoon/key instead.  I realized then that I will always fall short on the Martha-meter, but that it was okay, because instead, I discovered a “gift” for using something as something else.

Such as:


A room divider used as a headboard


A flower pot as a utensil holder


A bulletin board as a jewelry holder


An embroidery hoop as the letter O


Shower curtain rings as pail holders


I saw this at a funky clothing store and I fully intend to make one, so I say I can show you – seat made of newspaper/pillow/belts. (Keep reading, husband. Keep reading)


Empty jars for paint brushes (honestly – someone asked me where I bought them. Uhhhh spaghetti isle….) I’m such an artiste.



Wooden trim fashioned into a photo display


Vintage valentines as artwork


You’ve seen my recycling box


Oh and as for those paint lid opener thingy-s?  Wind chimes!  Ok, bad wind chimes, but still!



12 thoughts on “Martha Stewart would cringe…

  1. Thanks for the like! Your blog is great… I love the seat made of newspaper/pillow/belts too, very creative!

    C x

  2. This is so great! I love re-using things! I had these adorable wooden boxes (well not real wood, they’re from Target) that were bight colors inside and blonde “wood” outside. I got them probably 10 years ago–they are (were) CD holders. Now one holds my kitchen utensils and another holds my mini succulent garden. Also your bedroom is beautiful!

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