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Ahhhhhhhh, Summer.

IMG_0438Come summer we all haul out the bits and pieces of decorating paraphenalia that we’ve been hiding in the shed/attic/under the couch (I do all 3) the rest of the year.

We all sigh when we find something we like has broken or faded or disappeared, some things are found a little too late, some never. I’m still searching for the rest of my paper lanterns…


Some love to add flowers, some have brown thumbs… If I ever post greenery please know that I can take no credit for their beauty – I would be the queen in Alice in Wonderland painting the white roses red. I am VERY fortunate to have a husband who is great at gardening. I know this.

IMG_0408  IMG_0450 IMG_0446 IMG_0452   IMG_0451  IMG_0453

Some of us refuse to buy anything new since the season is short, some spend whatever it takes to impress the visitors from out of town that are popping in. I have no pictures of this point since I am obviously not the one who spends whatever it takes.

Some of us thrift store re-love, others buy the newest kid on the block.

IMG_0399  IMG_0403

Some of us paint everything (paint from the Home Depot) and some would rather start fresh.

IMG_0352   IMG_0370

IMG_0400  IMG_0441

Some bring stuff outside from inside and hope it doesn’t rain, others think that’s too risky, and wouldn’t take anything out that doesn’t say indoor/outdoor.

IMG_0443    IMG_0447

My failed Before and After chair has actually withstood a LOT of rain and it’s still looking pretty good! It’s been outside since March, so there’s another lesson here, somewhere.

Some of us like to put the various pieces exactly the way we did the year before (and the years before that) and others like to try them in different locations. You KNOW I’ll be moving it around, right?

Some of us are lucky to have a space to decorate, some just dream what they would do if they did.

IMG_0392       IMG_0460

Some never venture out once they’ve done their area, others drive around to check out and get ideas from the neighbours.

IMG_0262  IMG_0418IMG_0259  IMG_1112  IMG_1111

Okay, this is not really decorating, but totally worth posting.

So, there you have it, my take on Summer decorating. Where do you fall in the comparisons?

Now I’m off to find those darned lanterns…..

15 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhhh, Summer.

  1. The brothel sign is to die for. I love the bright colors that you use in your outdoor space. We are working on building a deck this summer, and I hope to add some tropical colors to it. Love those cans of paint.

  2. Ravishing colors in your post! And I know what you mean about not being able to find…whatever it is you think you’re missing. Been there…done that! 🙂

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