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Imitation Louboutin….sort of


Will I ever be able to afford a pair of  Louboutin shoes?  Maybe, maybe not….but in the meanwhile, here’s my take on the  Louboutin trademark on a free find – and it’s still transportation, n’est pas?

IMG_0520  IMG_0551  Notice my paint can opener?  Sorry Martha Stewart, I shall never learn. Paint from the Home Depot.

IMG_0552    IMG_0554  IMG_0559IMG_0561 IMG_0563 Oops!  Dang overspray.

IMG_0564 IMG_0565 Just like the shoes….get it?

IMG_0574And my slight of hand on this project?  There are only three wheels…I have yet to find a fourth, but it still holds stuff!


6 thoughts on “Imitation Louboutin….sort of

  1. Louboutin ought to be happy for this blog post as I had never heard of the company or the dangerous shoes! LOL I love your Louboutin inspired wagon, your humour and that I learned something about the fashion world. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration! :~)

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