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IMG_0711Tired of the trees, (see before picture below ) I thought I’d try something new.  Image So, I purchased 4 packages of cedar shims from the Home Depot – $7.00 each and started nailing!  I had no idea how this would look finished, but I also knew I could tear them all down if I hated it.  There is mostly only one nail per shim, and I can putty those holes up easily.

IMG_0618 IMG_0629

Starting in the corner I worked my way across the wall and down, alternating the direction of the shims as I went.  I liked the flawed ones the best and tried to use them as much as possible, sometimes having to overlap them onto one another. Half way down I got very comfortable and was adding pieces willy nilly, having the best time solving the puzzle I called my front entry.

IMG_0615      IMG_0626


beautifully flawed


When I was done, I first marvelled that I came away with only a small blood blister on my thumb from when I had an argument with the hammer.  I debated painting random shims in coordinating colours from around the house like black, white, chartreuse, yellow or turquoise, but I just couldn’t decide.  This is the last area you are in before you leave the house so a mirror is appropriate, both colours and mirror may have felt too busy.  But knowing me, I never say never…..

IMG_0706And what a mirror I found!  If you ever needed an example of eclectic , this would be it.

I realize this look will not be for everyone, but if you DO like it, it was fun and easy to do, the investment was minimal and easy to change back if you just can’t live with it.  There are also large flat cedar shims available that would make a great larger feature wall or headboard.  Speaking of headboards, or the fact that I’ve put that project off long enough, it’s the next on my list.  Promise.

They put this project onimages      Heading: From woods to wood

107 thoughts on “Shim-Shimeny

  1. That is really cool. I love, love, love the slightly different shades between the shims. Also, where did you buy the cedar shims? I’ve totally been wanting to find something like that to try out a similar treatment on this cheap Ikea coffee table I hate, but I had no idea you could actually buy packs of little pre-cut wood that’s nice like that.

    1. Home Depot! or any builder type store if you don’t have access to a HD. Theres some nice flat rectangular ones that could would work on a surface you want more level like a table top. They are about 6″x15″ or so. easy to saw too when you need to adjust the size.

  2. I love what you did here. Using wood shims was such a clever and inexpensive idea. We recently did a wood accent wall in my son’s room using laminate flooring. Your idea is perfect for a smaller space.

  3. Love it. I smile every time I walk into our bedroom with the reclaimed wood wall so I know the feeling. I love the flaws too! Great job. The Weekend Country Girl.

    1. I agree – it was so easy but be aware they are quite rough so might catch on your clothes? I mentioned there are longer flatter shims out there – that may work better. I’d love to see it if you do try it. I’d does smell good too!
      And thanks for following!

      1. Yeah, I was thinking I’d probably have to do some sanding, and I have so much sanding to do to fix up my house that I don’t know if I want to do more! But I’ll see what I can find that might be smoother.

  4. HI there,
    It’s always interesting to visit and see what your next creation will be. I love on a forested property (cedar and fir) and I absolutely love the rough textured cedar wall but the mirror well … truth be told, I’m not keen on it.

  5. I HAVE to try this! Thank you so much for sharing! I will take a clue and wear gloves as I drew blood today installing window treatments in a clients house as well. The addition of the mirror is that great marriage of rustic and refined. How long would you say it took you to do the wall?


    1. Wow! So much to thank you for! It was a project I did over a few days but really only took a few hours tops to do. The wall is not very big and the shims are easy to cut (I even broke some with my hands – shocking – no gloves!). I am immeasurably flattered by your response and reblog! Thanks!

  6. Reblogged this on Design With J9 and commented:
    Check out this cool wall treatment that “Found This Painted That” did. I hopefully will be able to make a version of my own someday!

  7. Oh my word! This is AMAZING! I’m already thinking about where I can put this! I’m thinking in the basement once I finish renovating, maybe behind the bar. Awesome job!!

  8. The texture you added is so delightful! What a great idea for adding a little interest to a wall. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  9. Saw your blog on Apartment Therapy. Very cool, inexpensive transformation! Thank you for detailing out the process. It turned out lovely!

    1. Thank you! I got the mirror from Homesense (TJ Max in the States) it comes in black too. I bought it awhile ago but I still see them now and then. I adore the glam of that mirror with the rustic. I realize it’s not for everyone, I’m just glad it’s for me!

    1. No, two reasons I did that: I liked the way they looked when I overlapped them but also they were so imperfect it would have been hard to find enough shims that weren’t wonkey in order to just lay them flat. The nails are sort of the same colour and you can still see most of them. But if you want that look, there are shorter white shims that are a little more uniform. You could even paint them! Thanks for the question!

  10. This look is amazing! You did a great job and love the mirror – will definitely be checking back to new ideas. Just moved in to a new home and decorating has been a slow process. Always interested in affordable and amazing looks!

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