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That Looks Familiar……..

IMG_0018In decorating, part of talking about practicing what you preach is actually…practicing what you preach.  I often talk about using what you have to change things up and create a new look, I talk about altering what you already own and I talk about thrift shopping.  Well, surprise! I do all three in this next post.

If you look at this vignette, you may recall seeing bits of it in past posts, if not, let me refresh your memory.

First, on the right is the original space (on the left is the wall before the painted trees from my post : See the Wallpaper Forest AND the painted Trees, and now the Shim-Shimeny post wall. Notice the green ceramic box?)


And here’s the changes:

1.  I brought in from outside the large New York Artwork (a thrift store purchase), and the little yellow ceramic box (formerly green) which were both in my Ahhhhhhhh, Summer post.


2.  The curly-q stool, the letter J, bird candle holder, 2 tall candle holders and Chandelier artwork frames were all different colours before white.  They have all been moved here and there throughout the house over the years.

IMG_0718  Okay, this colour was fun for a while – and although it’s too much to leave it ALL this colour, I did leave the underneath bit coral.  I’m on a Louboutin kick…..(Past post:  Imitation Louboutin….sort of ).

IMG_0581  And if you really, really squint at the “new” chandelier artwork, you can see what I think was a happy accident – a little white overspray that kind of frames the art double-time!


3.  An old vase is holding our domino set, the coral chevron tray was in my former post: Tray Chic!  The small N.Y. photograph was in the room with the painted zebra rug, (Can’t Sweep It Under THIS Rug post).  And of course you can’t have a decent vignette without books – of which I have many (but really, never enough) with a Fornasetti glass paper weight on top.  Have I shamelessly talked about ALL my past posts yet?

4.  Another thrift store find: Trolley bar cart $15.00


5.  I did buy fresh flowers, which will also be recycled in the compost – HA!

IMG_0026  IMG_0028

These two walls had never been quite right in my eyes, but now I think I’ve made them into something I can live with for some time……or until Christmas, anyway.


All paint products from the Home Depot.


10 thoughts on “That Looks Familiar……..

    1. Well thank you! Actually none of the art was bought at the same time, I just come across it, and I have to really like something about it. The mood or colours or style. Some are found at thrift stores so obviously I’m not an art snob lol. Just pick what “speaks” to you and somehow it works.then you can play with it.

    1. Alas I can’t take credit for the artwork – i only painted the frames and oversprayed at that – even though I like the overspray effect, lol! The chandeliers would be easy to draw though….I’m sure you could copy them. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. i like how you painted the wall leaving a border of white around the darker grey. or am i mistaken? just that we live in a postwar ranch that is open concept and while I can’t see painting every wall a different colour, a part of me really, REALLY itches to have some variety and some contrast and, well, my husband has an overnight jaunt planned = my opportunity to have fun with Benjamin Moore! What colour is the grey you used, incidentally? seems like a perfect foil for white walls.

    1. Lol I do exactly the same thing! When my husband goes out of town something’s going to change! Yes you are right, I made a feature wall by leaving about 4″ white space around for the same reason as you, in my case it’s a long hallway that I didn’t want all dark. It was a long time ago but I think it was Cinder gray by BM but I also love willow or if you don’t want it as dark,Chelsea or Kendall Is nice. I usually get it mixed elsewhere tho….too expensive otherwise. I hope you post it!

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