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Hello? House Beautiful?

IMG_0042My most favourite magazine has to be House Beautiful.  They get me.  Or maybe I get them. Either way, I’m hooked but good.

So when I came upon this juicy page, I had to copy it.  But where? you ask.

About 15 years ago, I stumbled onto this table at an architectural salvage place. I’m quite sure it was used as display somewhere, it is mega heavy yet somewhat narrow.  I’m not even sure how I got it into the van we owned at the time, it was that heavy.  I liken it to a mom with adrenalin raging through her veins, lifts the car that is pinning her beloved child under it.  I had fallen in love.  I mean, check out the Alice in Wonderland-esque legs!  It was painted pretty much the colours in this magazine, royal blue body, red edge on the legs – only it didn’t look near as good.  Over the years and three houses later (amazingly it fit in every house even though they were very different in layout) it’s seen probably every colour or combination of colours you can imagine.


I actually love it in white, but with husband reading the paper at it every morning, it couldn’t take the newsprint abuse…ever heard of an iPad, honey?  But never mind.

Then I settled on this….kind of felt like an Audrey Hepburn hat to me.  No explaining that.  It just does.


Then here’s what I did.  Using the inspiration picture, I drew in chalk, a rough plan.

IMG_0043  IMG_0049

Wiped away my mistakes or changes….I love chalk.IMG_0046

And started painting in the pattern with craft paint. I mixed white and antique white for the main parts and swiped a little navy for shadow and contour.



IMG_0063And the finished product!

Daughter Number 3 says I’ll tire of this look quickly – we’ll see if she’s right…okay she probably is.  But no matter, I can always paint it again!


49 thoughts on “Hello? House Beautiful?

  1. Awesome idea and it looks great! The flowing lines in the art work are perfect with the leg design! Congratulations!

  2. Wonderful job, you are so talented. And so what if you change it some time down the road, a creative mind is a terrible thing to waist.


  3. Lovin your blog!!! I stopped by to check you out..you’re certainly my kind of person :0)! I agree with you about the table…go for it and if you get tired of it you can always change it! Wish I had the gift of drawing, you’re very talented! Have a great day!
    Take care!

  4. How creative of you! I bet you feel very satisfied with the finished product ~ it looks really beautiful. Makes me want to pick up my paintbrush again. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers!

    1. For some reason it’s the one thing I own that I never seem to want to get rid of! Maybe if we downsize….I’ll put you on the list. Let’s see, you are number 97′ lol! It was the best second hand purchase I’ve ever made!

    1. Thank you! Well, it’s still on my table today – I have to say its safe for a while longer (I think…), lol! Also how kind are you for all those likes you’ve bestowed on me!!
      Way to pump me up! Thanks for following too!

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