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You Pick!

Haileys armoire

First off, I want to say a gigantic THANK YOU! to all of you who have decided to follow my little DIY blog.  You have encouraged, commented, lol’d and liked your way into my heart and I am truly grateful! There are over 300 of you (301 to be exact!) and I keep checking if there was a typo and it’s really only 3.  Not that that would be bad of course – it’s just astounding to me that it’s more!

To celebrate, I am leaving the next project in your hands.  I will give you options and you will tell me what you want to see.  This is so exciting to me, I have hemmed and hawed over this piece from the beginning and I can’t wait to get your opinions!! Its the wardrobe in the guest room, so I hope to make it extra special.

Here are the options – I’ll do my best to describe what I’m thinking.

1. Giant cross stitch painted on the wardrobe such as vintage flowers.

2. Map of the world in visual and written form. Guests can pin where they’ve been

3. Positive/negative switch up. The negative (background) space is painted, the positive space is left natural

4. Paint chip style – 3 colours from light to dark with white in between

Please take the poll below and I’ll report back.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out!


10 thoughts on “You Pick!

  1. Love your blog! Can’t understand why you only have 300+ followers, there must be a mistake and some zeroes fell off? It should be at least 300,000 followers by now. (I only have 104 followers as we speak…).

      1. Hehe…I set myself the target of writing every day. Well, 300 posts in 365 days, anyway. So far I think I’ve only dropped a couple or three days, when I was playing around with the time difference thing, trying to decide on the best time to publish my posts. No, don’t quit blogging, I love your style and wit! X

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