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But You Picked the Hardest One!

IMG_0180 Yes, like the Michael Jackson lyrics “I’m bad, I’m bad, you know it” I have failed at getting this post done before Christmas.  Thank you for all your votes on my poll.  A bit of a landslide.  The Winner?  The world map – I made it sound SO amazing…without figuring out exactly how the heck I was going to execute the dang thing.  Had you picked any of the others, I’d be quoting much more positive lyrics since I would probably have finished by now. Like “doom doom doom -another one bites the dust” by Queen or “Stompa your feet” (in celebration of a job completed) by Serena Ryder or even “Joy to the world”!

Never the less, I do, lovely readers, have a loose idea of what I will do, and it starts with what you see above, painting the armoire high gloss white.  Which I did over a period of many days……many. Shameful.


From there, I hope to add this:

IMG_0171 Found at Indigo book store, it’s a world map all in gold, that you scratch off the places you’ve been, to reveal another colour underneath. Cool, right?

I also want to add various sized black lettering of cities and countries on the rest of the armoire.  And I’m looking for just the right hardware. Old worldy type.

I  really did try, just the joys of the season distracted me. Yeah the joys.  And the crazy shopping crowds, compromised credit card (oh yes it was), wrapping gifts, burning, I mean baking, decorating, cleaning over and over, Christmas get togethers and the big time sucker – Pinterest. Oh yeah and work. Can’t forget work. That’s how we pay for all the madness.

Once the out-of-towners leave, I will be zealous to get back to my DIYs!

Thank you for your patience – you have to be – Tis the season!!

Jingle bells and Merry Christmas all!



5 thoughts on “But You Picked the Hardest One!

  1. Forget the home-decorating, my friend. A new career awaits you… your blog should be short- listed for a humorist award! I will have to lay awake at night chuckling and imagining what this finished armour will look like… The good news is that it will keep the thoughts of scary sugarplums from dancing through my head… Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! How about that…..I’m a “burner/baker” too…LOL! Baking is not one of my gifts but I like to try anyways!! Your tree looks beautiful…love the cozy of your fireplace and tree, I hope you can take time out and enjoy all your blessings!
    Take care! I can’t wait to see your finished product :0)

  3. I missed wishing your a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I feel like a shit. I Love the roomAll I can offer now is a heartfelt have a great 2014. I’ll be around as much as I can be like any working hamster running on a treadmill. 🙂

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