Failure Alert!

IMG_0235You know how in the horror movies, there’s always the girl who goes down to the basement?  And you sit on the couch all antsy and yell “NO! DON’T GO DOWN THERE!”  because you know it isn’t going to end well?

Well, that’s pretty much what my armoire was trying to tell me.  “Stop! I’m ugly! Cease and desist, Mon dieu!”

Try as I might, I could not make the project look less tacky than it did. Case in point:


Oh I shudder to look at this!

It all started out pretty well, I had your poll pick, I had a plan, I had the accoutrements, I had hope and a prayer.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, I lost my style.

IMG_0227  IMG_0234

After a few hours of trying to make city/country/continent names from the lettering I had and then carefully adhering some of them to the armoire, I had to stop.  Regroup.  Did I really like it?  Did I want to continue?  Was it something I couldn’t wait to share with you?  Would someone consider pinning it on Pinterest?  A resounding NO was heard round the world.

As I write this, my armoire still sits in my guest room, patiently waiting for me to finish – to make it the thing of beauty I see in my head.

I HAVE  learned a few things from this process:

Don’t make a poll unless you are willing to adhere to the answer

Don’t get Design Cocky

If the project no longer goes in the direction you hoped to go – stop!  Re-think it

Don’t be afraid to admit defeat (Dang that’s a tough one)

Try something else (Never surrender!)

I still love the concept, still hope I can make it work, and so, I leave you till next time when you will see the new finished armoire, or I may pretend this whole debacle never happened.  Keep walking folks, nothing to see here.

36 thoughts on “Failure Alert!

  1. You are so brave posting your failure. I have so many & have learned so much. I then can pass my knowledge on to my clients. So far no big boo boos when on the hire! So good to hear you are going to try something else. I am looking forward to seeing it along with your experience. You are so creative.


    1. Wow I should show more of my failures – so much encouragement sent my way! Your comment was no exception – thanks!! And I agree it’s good to not have boo boos with clients…with your own stuff it’s ok, lol!

  2. My first thought too was to make it look like a combination of chippy paint and parchment paper? Do NOT frett!!! Things always look bad before they can look good…It will all come together…press on dearie, press on! I’m sure it will be lovely in the end!
    Take care!

  3. I love the idea of a decoupaged old map/globe collage which I think you’ve started with the parchment vibe. I thought you’d go the straight painting/illustration route- this looks like a far more promising start! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    1. I am always glad to read your comments! I DID consider just painting it – how do you know me so well? It would certainly be easier, lol! But you are also right about the map/globe idea. It could be fabulous!

  4. Fantastic try Rockstar! I’m glad you found some lettering for your locations. I will keep searching for lettering because I am not giving up on your idea!! You receive support because you give support! You are so infectiously positive and creative, of course it catches on!

  5. We feel your frustration! Maureen and I are in the midst of a “failure alert” as well. Nothing is more annoying than having a great idea not work out. Hope you’ll keep us posted on your armoire adventure! -Liv and Maureen at Catalog Envy

      1. Please do post! I’m in the midst of sprucing up my living space including some furniture refinishing. I have a good feeling I’ll get ideas and inspiration from you. Also, it appears that there are plenty others interested in the outcome of your armoire, too!

  6. As with the other people commenting here, good for you for posting something that didn’t work out as you had hoped: it does keep it real and that’s one of the reasons I like blogs even more than House Beautiful (which I also adore). And we learn more from failure than success, so if this is about how-to rather than about the thing, then well, it’s a success! 🙂 Happy Monday

    1. What a positive spin on my failed project! Thanks for that – especially on a Monday, lol! I agree with all you said. As hard as it was to press that Post button in the moment, I’m glad I did! And yes, blogging seems to bring out the honesty. I’m so glad you commented!

  7. I think it is a great idea, perhaps a little glaze and distressing, making it appear old? Keep on going, sometimes you just need to let things sit a bit, percolate, then a better idea comes!

    1. Yes I agree! I just got tired of fixing it, lol! Glazing could be a great solution but I don’t think distressing would work since it’s crummy laminate. I really appreciate the idea – I’ll revisit one day, fix it and update the post! And thanks so much for following!

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