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This Little Light of Mine

IMG_0420Spring has Sprung!  Time to put away the warm wooly winter accessories and bring back colour!

I usually get an itch about now to have something new in my decorating inventory, but alas and alack my bank account as usual groans in anticipation. What?! I ask…just a little something to feed this spring decorating disease I say, trying to control my level of rising panic.

Oh whatever, I shall shop my house instead – the service is bad but the prices are excellent!

Swapping the Master bedroom lamps with the Living Room lamps should do the trick – sort of.

IMG_0431    Former Living Room lamp now in Master (future post).

IMG_0391  Former Master lamps.

But of course, not good enough.  How to bring some bling now that I’m all about that? …And there it was…my Christmas impulse purchase – gold metallic spray paint by Rustoleum from the Home Depot.


Cue the clouds parting (figuratively AND literally).  I had a beautiful day to paint, and paint I did.  I have to say, with my full on Spring-fever delirium I may have gone a little overboard. Don’t judge me, but if I had had a chunky chain lying around, I may have Flava Flave’d a nifty clock of my own (google, people).

IMG_0395    IMG_0397  IMG_0398

So, there they are, my “new” Living room lamps – just enough bling to light my way into a new Spring, and my bank account approves.


43 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine

    1. Fantastique! Ps don’t know why it took me so long but I’m following you now – I adore your style and I’m still in love with the art you did over the desk. Did you have a process I can steal? Err I mean borrow?

      1. Thank you!! 🙂 I generally find a photo I like and then up the contrast/posterize it to break down the shadows, then work from that for the painting… at least for the high contrast work.

  1. Well you’re not alone…I have the same decorating disease!!! :0)… Something about spring and sunshine that brings on an “attack”! Ha! I like the way these lamps turned out… classy!

  2. Great! i’m trying to find the beauty in lamps at the thrift store. I’ve got to try this. I think i’ll start carrying a light bulb around in my purse to test some of these. (weird?)

    1. Not weird at all! Most stores will let you check things out and will supply bulbs. I saw some great lamps this past week, but don’t need any right now. I know they probably won’t be there when I need them, lol. Thanks so much for following!

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