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Mid-Century Modern-er

IMG_0401 Here is what I’m noticing.  People are getting creative!  Not only because of the influences of the old standbys of decorating shows and magazines, there’s Pinterest, Instagram, Websites and Blogs that inspire us, help us to dream and spur us on to try something we may never have thought of doing or just encouraging us to go for it.  I have seen and loved many examples of the mixed high gloss/wood sideboards.  So why not love my own?

Case in point – a treasured family sideboard we had already modified to house our electronics.  Before you wood lovers (men) flip out and demand your blog reading minutes back, here is my evidence to justify what I did.

IMG_0381   See the water stains and warn wood? “Yes, I see it” you argue -“Sand and Stain!” you shout, shaking your fists at me.

But ask yourselves this, would this blog entry create any kind of response from you had I taken the less offensive route and just stained the darn thing?  I dare say not!  So, you are welcome if I have stirred up emotion or an opinion or for you to declare “Injustice!”.

Here’s how it played out:

IMG_0377  We oh so gently slid the monster TV onto our recycling box and I taped off what I wanted to stay wood.


I used a latex, high gloss white paint by Behr from the Home Depot.  I would have loved an even glossier finish, but then I would have had to lug it down to the automotive detailer and of course, shell out much more than $13.00.  Now THAT’S injustice.IMG_0386 So, I settled for the high gloss I had easy access to and painted 2 coats with brush and foam roller.  I do recommend putting down a drop cloth….do as I say, not as I do, or clean up the messy floor after.  Your call.


IMG_0491So far, I am very pleased with the shiny hard-as-a-nut finish. I did waffle a bit on how much to paint out, but for now it’s good.

I hope all my wood-only loving followers can find it in their hearts to forgive.  If you wait long enough I may redeem myself somewhere along the way, but don’t hold your breath.  If it can be painted, it’s fair game!


39 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern-er

  1. I’m loving the cushions, can’t wait to crack open the yellow paint one of these days! And I’d love to see house tours from you both ladies, I’m way too nosey really.

  2. Have to say I (daughter of an architect, sister of a furniture maker and raised amongst wood, wood and more wood) held my breath when you raised your paint brush (wondering what those men would say)…but I love it! So fresh and clean and, well, glossy! A breath of fresh air.

    While waiting for spring to come, I’ve been mentally redecorating and have to say that “glossing over” some of our tired pieces keeps popping up. A great trend for spring (or autumn down under)—thanks!

    1. Yes, my dad would not be proud of my decision either unless it was junk wood, but it’s because of his daring design choices over the years that produced this desire in the first place! I hope you do gloss over something and share it! Thanks for your comment – I always look forward to hearing them!

  3. I love wood and I love painted furniture—have both in my own house!—but I don’t have a single piece that’s both. Yet. 🙂 Your sideboard is a fabulous success. The contrast of dark wood and fresh white gloss is modern without being over the top. And those funky little legs it’s standing on! Love it!

      1. Absolutely! I’d do one of mine…….if all of my rooms were ‘pulled’ together the way I would like them…’s always a work in progress. Your rooms look super!

  4. I saw you looked at my blog. Thank you sooo much. Did you happen to see my flat screen on an antique buffet? And yeah I painted it. And like you I left some parts of it the original wood. Great minds think alike.

  5. My first reaction is to cut you for painting Mid Century Furniture(j/k..kinda…not really)…especially with those legs! However, it turned out great, and you did leave some of the wood, so I can’t be too hard on ya. Plus, I have a piece I’m considering painting, so you kinda just gave me the green light. Thanks

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