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Hit me baby one more TIME…


IMG_0573See what I did there?  TIME…CLOCK, well you get it.

Here’s the Before wall, Chartreuse green with a series of international times on the clocks:


And how I got to the After: First I painted the wall Peppertree by ICI, Dulux or Glidden; it’s all the same company, or you can use Piedmont Grey by Benjamin Moore for an almost exact match (and of course I would get it colour matched at the Home Depot for even more money saving).

I will confess to you here that I miss that green!! But I’ll be fine.

IMG_0545 IMG_0552

I drew out the shape I wanted the grandfather clock to be with chalk, (The clock itself is glass and was hot pink with orange flowers – spray painted flat white – use your imagination here) and taped off the lines I wanted to have be straight and crisp.

If you learn nothing else from me today except this next tip, I will be forever famous in your mind on the day you paint stripes of any kind, any where. So don’t forget where you read this, either.

The tip is as follows:

1. Tape off the stripe

2. Paint the edge of the tape on the side you will be painting the 2nd colour – with the  ORIGINAL  paint colour. Let it dry.

3. Now when you paint your second colour, it will not seep under the tape because the ORIGINAL PAINT ALREADY DID! (I tend to get excited about genius time saving steps). You’re welcome.




Fill in the body with the colour of your choice – I used the same high gloss white I used on my Mid-Century sideboard.



See here where I peeled back the tape? Razor sharp. Careful.

Next, a little gold highlighting and a little black shading…

IMG_0563IMG_0567IMG_0566 And a little hit of yellow that is pulled from all around the house.

Now the clock.  If you are at all like me, you have far too many decorating magazines which you cannot bear to edit down in any way for a near impossible chance that 1998 styles will return in your lifetime and you will need that picture to guide you in how you style your living room.  But a little nip tuck will surely go unnoticed if you choose to do so.  I chose to do so.  I found some fun numbers (Of course you can use stickers, stencils, found objects – as long as they don’t impede the hands from going ’round).  Get out the handy glue stick and Bob’s your Uncle, as they say.

IMG_0570  IMG_0571

And that’s it! Time’s Up!




51 thoughts on “Hit me baby one more TIME…

  1. I’m in love with your freehanding. I’m fairly capable artistically but tend to overnalyze and get scared. I should just go with it and hope for the best!

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