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Great Wall of China


Ok, I exaggerate, it’s not GREAT, but it’s pretty good!

The wall  before was ok, but lacked in any visual punch.  My brother made the large blue plate back in the day, and it’s been on many a wall.  Still loving it.


I always thought I’d put artwork or paint a feature colour to help beef up the wall, but never felt it was quite the right move either way. I even bought a large inexpensive (translate: cheap) canvas to paint and mount there, but then where would the plate go?  (Can you imagine the dither I’d be in with any real world problems?  Good thing I have no  super powers – everyone might just get a pony and lots of penny candy…)

I rounded up the collection of plates we use daily – some were thrift store finds, some were gifts, some inherited.  Confession – I bought the fork and knife plate on a whim – but look at it!  Adorable.



And here some of you will shake your head or roll your eyes.  I randomly stuck push pins in the wall, moved push pins, puttied holes, hung up plates, puttied holes, stood back, adjusted where needed, puttied holes…

My planning method is no planning.  But you probably figured that out from the beginning of my blogging history.  I went with how it “felt” and continued with that process until I was done.

I like that this wall is not just a repeat of the artwork gallery walls I do, that when I look at the plates I think about how I acquired them, and sometimes I’m annoyed that a particular plate is up there if I think I could be using it for something.  I can switch them out anytime thankfully, maybe even adjust them to suit the season.  As long as they don’t come crashing down at any time, it’s all good with me.





16 thoughts on “Great Wall of China

    1. Do you mean the biggest one? Cool that you think it looks like a leaf. It’s dark blue, I always thought it looked like a rear window in an old car white the white lines being fireworks. Lol Weird, I know.

  1. Oh yes it is definitely trial and error with me. I do the same thing-put something up, move it around, change my mind, etc, etc,..the wall looks great though!

  2. Absolutely love it! And it’s nice to know you are a fellow plate collector! My own dinnerware is a very motley mixture of pieces inherited and things picked everywhere from antique markets to ikea! Your collection here is gorgeous 🙂

  3. Making holes in the wall makes me so nervous (we live in an old building with concrete walls coated in plaster) so as a result we have mostly blank white walls – which isn’t too bad as our apartment is teeny tiny and dark. You’re a braver woman than I! Good work!

    1. Oh my gosh 3m can be your best friend! They have hanger-upers (technical term) that do not damage walls and go up and come off very easily! Get some art up girl! Oh your photos, are you kidding me!?

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