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A Nod to All Things Nautical



Here I am, another summer coming, and I am back to square one with my outdoor rug.  For those who have been with me for awhile, you may recall the above photo.

And how I started with this:

IMG_0363 For those who care to see, check it out here.

This is how it looked at the end of the season:IMG_0609

Much like waxing the winter leg hairs (minus the pain), I ripped off the white duct tape and was left with this:

IMG_0611 IMG_0610

A semi-clean slate.  Still being the tight-wad that I am, I checked through the scads of paint remnants I have, found a few suitable blobs and this thingy:


I don’t recall which painting job I bought it for – I think poly-urethaning something large scale, like a floor since this has a hole to attach a pole on the top of the wood chunk -(do you love my technical jargon?).  I smeared the turquoise and yellow paint all over the rug, drew out a rough sketch and got this:


Did the following, (you know, assume the position, blah, blah blah):

IMG_0621 IMG_0626

I dipped the bottom of my gold craft paint into the paint itself and used it to add gold polka dots randomly on the rug. I outlined everything in white and then gold and piled all the outdoor furniture back on it…..covering the design I just spent all that time on……Hmmmm…..Oh, whatever!  SUMMER’S coming!!



IMG_0629 IMG_0633


35 thoughts on “A Nod to All Things Nautical

  1. very clever, I like this. Do you think it will last a season? or will you have to design another one next year?

      1. Oh, I know, we have been decorating our hallway, there was paint all over the place!

  2. You crack me up! … oh, whatever…. exactly!!!! I can’t wait to start decorating my house – they started the floors today. If I ever get water on, I’ll be all set to camp in my own living room. I loved the nautical look, though, because my farmhouse is going to be a beach cabana in the middle of Atlanta. If I can just get the beach imported, I’ll be set!

    1. Wow, now there’s a comment to keep me going ! Thank you! Hmmm I probably have a few. I think there must be some shots on last summer’s posts – Ahhh Summer and Save my cushions, I Found my Lanterns, oh and Knock knock. I am really lucky to have a gardener type husband too. 🙂

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