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Blinged-up Bar Stools


I almost did this post without any words, just a photo progression of step one to the finished product, but I just couldn’t do it.  With the pics, I could leave you thinking how genius I am and how my project went off without a hitch.  HA!  By now you know that’s not what  happened.  I’m here to expose the underbelly of the DIY world. Well, my DIY underbelly anyway.


Started out with good old inexpensive 2 for 1 vinyl barstools from the Home Depot.  They survived 5 years in my house.  They were cracked, piping peeling off, scratched and BROWN (they were always brown, but that’s not their fault).   Five years.  That’s pretty good, I figured.

So. Three fold solution. One: I got me a post idea!  Two: I can fail because 5 years says I can buy new ones if necessary. (It’s MY logic, and I stand by it)  Three: I tried this solution once before and it works.

IMG_0736   I got out the plastic furniture spray paint that I used on my shoe storage project.  See it here.  Gave the chairs three coats to be sure I covered all the angles.  Once dry, I taped off the seat, taped off about four inches at the feet for the dipped look, and went to town with my  gold metallic spray  paint (the Home Depot of course).  Beauty.

IMG_0692 IMG_0693


Even painter’s tape can’t promise this won’t happen.  No biggie.

Next I happened upon this stencil that matches the fabric on my dining chairs.  $5.00.  Score.  (Ignore the bottle of gold craft paint and stencil brush. Tried it.  Didn’t work.  New solution needed and discovered).  Here’s something I found impossible to do this project without.  Repositionable spray glue.  Splendid.

IMG_0710 IMG_0711

I used good old fashioned wax paper to cover all the parts I didn’t want painted, since even after curing for 4 days, the painter’s tape was untrustworthy – as far as peeling off the paint goes.  I used the same spray glue to hold the wax paper in place.  Easy removal or repositioning.

IMG_0716 IMG_0719

And as careful as I was, I still got overspray here and there.  Some of it was easy to fix, but some like in between the pattern itself I had to leave since I ran the risk of ruining the whole design going back and forth with the paints.


The metallic gold on the design has a cool reflective quality but the same paint on the chair legs took on a soft burnished look.  The “dipped” feet add a bit of whimsy which I am always after.  Always.

All in all, a successful solution to a decorating dilemma.  How long they will last is yet to be seen, but I figure all I’ve lost is $10.00 for the stencil and glue (and not even really because I’ll use them on something else in the future) and some time outside in the sunshine.  Which is no loss at all!




51 thoughts on “Blinged-up Bar Stools

    1. Exactly! The plastic spray paint works for me, however I had to touch up a spot and was out of it, used leftover Rustoleum paint for metal and it worked too! Makes me think maybe all the paint is the same, just the label is different, lol. So do it!

  1. Excellent. I love an honest DIY. I want all the truth and tips. They look wonderful and unique. Thanks for sharing what worked and what was tricky!

    1. So my pleasure! It’s not so hard to recover from DIY failure if you don’t go into it putting yourself under too much pressure to succeed. I fly by the seat of my pants a lot too. It’s how I roll 🙂

    1. 5 loves! That’s a lot of love! Thank you so much and for sure I’ll keep you posted. I am planning an updates post in the future so I’ll comment about the successes or failures then. Thanks too for commenting!

    1. I am not very good at stencils, they are too finicky for my impatient nature. This was a little easier, but I could not have done it without the repositional glue. And I still had issues! Thanks for loving it though!

  2. Well I’m super envious of your Creative talents! I’ve been hunting for the perfect bar stools to sit under our breakfast bar and I cannot find anything that grabs me! I just wish I had the imagination and skill to do this. I love that you’ve done them in gold and with a geometric pattern. Two of my favourite things! Swoon x

    1. Thank you but you too can do this! I’m a horrible stencil-er and it was pretty easy. Just make sure you have the repositional spray glue and wax paper! (A sense of humor helps too) Serious! If you need direction or encouragement, I’m here for you! And thanks for following!!

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