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The long and winding ROPE



Check out my lamps!

Here’s a shot of the lamps before – formerly of the living room, moved in their green state to reside in the bedroom.

IMG_0765  IMG_0767

I bought three packets of rope from the Home Depot, each 50 feet long, $7.98 each.  At first I thought one package would do it, 50′ sounded like a lot of feet!  I am so very bad at math.  But I bought two packages in case.  Because I know I am very bad at math.

This is how painfully close one package of rope got me.  That right there is 50 feet.  Shocker.  I know. I had to go back and buy another package of rope. Because I am worse at math than I thought.  Sigh.

IMG_0779   I have maybe 10 feet left.  I hoped to have the rope left-overs fashioned into something amazing to act like I had it planned all along, but suffice it to say this didn’t happen yet- but it will, I’m pretty sure.

IMG_0780 The how-to is so simple I didn’t really bother with many pictures.  All I did was wrap the rope around and around, adding blobs of glue gun glue as I went.  I started gluing the rope at the back by the cord.  On my lamps, there is a rib every couple of inches, and I aimed the glue for them.  I did learn by the second lamp that a push, blob, push method was effective in keeping the rope tight against the previous row and held well to the rope (and listening to 60’s French pop music in the sunshine while winding the rope was tres fun too).


Let me say that as fab as they look and as hard as it is to refrain from hugging your beautiful new lamp, don’t.  Very prickly- trust me.  And also surprisingly stinky.  Not horrible, and the smell is fading more every day but I wanted to give you the heads up on that.  No unnecessary surprises for you.  The great thing for me is that once I grow tired of this look or want to use these lamps in their original glory, I just have to pull and unwind.  And then I’ll have 100 feet of rope again, no wait, it would be, lets see, 50′ x 2 plus about …well never mind.  I won’t embarrass myself any further.  You get my drift.

31 thoughts on “The long and winding ROPE

  1. Perfection! I totally get your think with math (not my strong suite). I purchased a package of rope at Big Lots a few weeks ago with the intention of doing something with it, I am just not sure what. I hope you do that too. Anyhow, this gives me great hope that wrapping something in rope really transforms. And, no, it is not too easy. Your creativity and your eye for seeing something out of your green lamps is not something everyone has.


  2. I love the lamps but you could leave the rope coiled in a basket and write a post about trying to coax it out by playing a pungi (wind instrument played by snake charmers) and I’d read it. I love the way you write.

    1. It took me this long to respond to you since one – the pressure to write something clever back to you is huge 🙂 and 2, your words just made my day and left me a little speechless! Thank you so much for one of the best comments ever!!

    1. I know, right? I get tired and bored with things quite quickly -how I stay married is a mystery 😉 I know my penchant for rope will wane over time so it’s good it’s a temporary fix. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I am quiet bad at math too! But no matter how bad at math, those lamps came out fabulous! Great idea and great job!

  4. WoW! Great idea! They look so beachy and nautical! I love that idea! What a great way to transform them without being permanent if you change your mind. About the math thing….I think anyone with a creative/artsy mind has trouble with math…its just a right brain thinking sorta thing!! I always struggled with numbers!
    Have a great weekend!
    Terry :0)

  5. Totally get the math thing! I recently covered a vase with rope and just knew that 50 feet would be more than enough. Several hours later, I was back at Home Depot buying another 50 feet! Love the lamps!

  6. I know what you mean about stinky. I did a project with stinky rope. I couldn’t stand it. I even put it in a bucket of soapy water… didn’t help…tried bleach! To no avail. I did find some rope at a local hardware store. Did a sniff test. It passed! 🙂 Love your blog.

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