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One for You, Two for Me!



Today I am going to post for you a simple quick-fix Before and After so that I have still offered a decorating tid-bit before I talk about what happened to me!

Here is my coffee table/ottoman in the winter:


And my former bedding :


A little of this and a little (OK, a LOT of ) coffee:


Do this:

IMG_0618  IMG_0666

Get this:


Perfect for summer, and I didn’t cut anything.  Just scrunched, folded, squished, bunched, manipulated and stapled. (Don’t look underneath.) I’m assuming that when I pull out the staples and un-scrunch, un-fold, un-squish, un-bunch, un-manipulate and wash it, all the holes  made from the stapler will magically disappear!  Sounds about right in my head.

That’s the ONE for you.

And now here’s the TWO for me:  I received a beautiful little surprise – no, not a baby – two brand spanking new blogging awards!!

versatileblogger111      sunshine-award11

I am beyond thrilled and I accept!  Upon acceptance, there are rules to adhere to and they are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you :

That would be Harmony’s Pearls. Check her out at   THANK YOU!!  She writes with a tender heart and a velvet hammer.  She also writes fantastic comments on posts.  I know this because I have been the recipient of said comments.

2.  Place the award badges on your Blog page :

Oh YES I did!

3.  Answer the 10 questions posed to me :

Will do. See below if you are interested.

4.  Pay it forward :

I need to nominate 10 bloggers too!  That will be fun.

Here are the 10 questions posed to me :

1) What is my favourite food?

– Pizza?  The question mark is because that’s what I think today.  It could very well be something else tomorrow. Or even by the time I finish this post.  I am fickle that way.  It’s food after all.

2) Who is my favourite Actor?

– Sidney Portier in To Sir With Love still makes me swoon. Sigh. Oh and to be fair, Meryl Streep because she can play ANY woman really, really well. (Hey, nobody said I couldn’t pick one from each side.)

3) Favourite TV Show?

– I just finished watching House of Cards with Kevin Spacey on Netflix. No, not actually WITH Kevin Spacey, he was IN it.  I love him. I also hate him. If you watch the show you’ll understand.

4) Favourite Tear Jerker?

– Nope. I don’t like movies that make me cry. I always feel crummy long after. Case in point, I just watched the new Colbie Caillat music video called TRY and I was sobbing at the end of it. Messy. Snotty. I’m still not over it.

5) Coffee or Tea?

– COFFEE no contest.  It’s what gets me up and at ’em, through all my DIY’s, good times & bad times, all day long. The blacker and stronger the better.  I am very very addicted. Obv.

6) Favourite Sport?

– Volleyball to play and Roller derby to watch. It’s fascinating. But I can’t watch too long.  I don’t do real well with anticipation situations and unfairness. That sport makes me anxious and the potential for unfairness abounds. This seems like a really extra long answer for a question about sports.

7) What’s my lucky number?

– None. I have the absence of luck. Numbers are not my friend. (read my rope/lamp post.)

8) What’s my favourite Holiday?

– Christmas!! Hands down. For all the obvious traditional reasons. Oh and Jesus is the reason for the Season. Said it.

9) Twitter or Facebook?

– Now, I understand they both have their virtues, but I do neither.  I just Blog.

10) Favourite Christmas movie?

– ELF!!  Makes me laugh every year.


Here are my Nominees:

The Curator’s Collection

Double Whirler

Hello Lady

One Cool Site

The Modachrome Home

Home for Now

Lady Landsdown

This is Our Bliss

American Vintage Online

Apartment Envy


These are my 10 questions to my nominees:

1. & 2. If you could have anyone decorate a room in your house, who would it be and which room?

3. If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you want to have with you? ( And don’t say a boat)

4. Disco or Ballroom?

5. What’s the furthest distance you’ve travelled?

6. Where do you stand in the family? (First born, middle etc.)

7. Is there anyone you would change places with?

8. Best summer book?

9. What do you put on your french fries?

10. Is Paris always a good idea?

Thanks again Miss H’s Pearls – I’ll still take you up on that offer to Find This, Paint That!




29 thoughts on “One for You, Two for Me!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You certainly deserve these awards :o) ! I love your passion for coffee…makes me chuckle…I’m the same way! Loving your ottoman! What will you think of next? You have an amazingly creative mind! This idea is perfect for decorating on a budget…sweet!
    Thank you for the nomination, I am so flattered and tickled to even be considered!
    Take Care!
    Smiles! :o)

  2. So….Since I’m kinda new to blogland “stuff” like these nominations….um….do I answer these questions now? How do I know if I win? What do I do next? I admit I’m very green when it comes to this stuff… Ahhhh help me! :0)……okay….I’m okay!….tiny panic moment gone! Deep breath…..
    Please let me know so I’m not inadvertently rude in any way.

    1. Being nominated means you’ve already won. Weird, I know. Just do the same thing I did – all the instructions (up to my answers to their questions.) Then answer MY questions to you, don’t answer theirs.
      I was the same as you with my first. You can answer when you post next or whenever you figure it out. No committee is waiting, big deep breath now. And breathe out. If you google the awards you’ll see they are for encouragement to each other, not to freak you out, lol.

  3. Love this quick and “temporary-if-need-be” update. Those are the best kind… no pressure and instant gratification. 🙂 And congrats on the award!


  4. LOVING the ottoman and congratulations! I’m thinking of transforming and old coffee table into one of these! I am totally digging your style!

  5. You totally cracked me up with your answers, I love your honesty and whimsy. And you’re so right, Jesus is the reason for the season. There, I said it, too.

    I got a fabulous mid-century piece for a STEAL and I’m grappling with it. Sigh. I want to paint it and I hate to paint it but it really needs painting. But what color? Oh, and now I have a kidney stone, darn, I doubt I’ll every finish that console. I’m sure I’ll blog on it, soon, one way or the other. Maybe tomorrow.

    So love your blog and your wit and your expertise. You are a Versatile Blogger. I’m glad someone finally told you so. ❤

    1. You brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for your generous words. I’m sorry about your paint/kidney stone dilemma – they can be equally painful…but for the console, just do it! White is always good…

    1. Yeah that just happened! I went from 45 views to over 2000! Sheesh! So fun. If you have coffee, I’ll be over. Oh but I remember you like tea…too bad….and white is awesome, silly – maybe we can do virtual lunch!

  6. 2000 VIEWS! That’s awesome! And well deserved. I love apartmenttherapy and highly recommend it to everyone who lives in a dwelling at all. That wall is the first thing that caught my eye and got me started on following your blog. It’s amazing.

    I know, white is beautiful, and to be honest, I’m thinking of going creamy vintage white and preserving some of the wood that still looks good (and painting inside a tangerine color). When I see how you transform furniture, I’m so envious, as I am timid about painting. I have to get it done, tho, and a blog will be forthcoming. I’ll alert you. Thanks for your inspiration each and every blog!

    Now, I’m thinking of transforming a round coffee table into an ottoman. All because of your blog, see what you started? Have a great night. Virtual coffee, tea, wine…sounds good to me.

    1. I’m thrilled I inspire you but you seriously need to stop flattering me – I can hardly pull a shirt over my head it’s getting so big! And I love your colour choices – tangerine? Fantastic! And FYI the rule is once you tell me, you have to go through with it. Ha! I’ll be watching…

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