Bar carts

My Bar Cart: Superhero in DISGUISE


My bar cart.  I came upon it at a little local thrift store three years ago.  Of course I considered painting it, as you probably guessed I would.  At the time gold had not made it’s full come-back yet, and I was not on that band wagon, either.  Yet, I still couldn’t do it.

Much like Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, it has a fairly mild mannered appearance,  pleasant but unassuming, useful but not really practical.

But take off those GLASSES, put on a CAPE and SHAZAM!  Instant party.

IMG_1048IMG_1052  Imagine some kind of jazzy Mad Men music playing in the background ….OR…

Cue Happy by Pharrell, Gettin’Jiggy With It by Will Smith or ANY Jackson Five song and CELEBRATE!



And of course, after the parties, in the morning, dial up the Parisian accordion music and enjoy your croissant with French press coffee, do the crossword puzzle in the paper and just relax.  Ahhhhhhhh,  crime fighting can wait.



You can even cart all those dirty dishes on it after….unless you have an Alfred like BAT MAN….

64 thoughts on “My Bar Cart: Superhero in DISGUISE

  1. Mmmmmmmmm! That cake looks incredible!!! Loving the bar cart! I’d love to have one but I fear my boys would do bad things with it….like haul their trucks on it! Ha! Have a great weekend!

  2. I still haven’t jumped on the gold wagon yet, but I am really wanting to try out some gold accents in my home! This bar cart is super adorable: I love how you’ve styled it!

  3. This is SOOO perfect. I’m so glad you didn’t paint it!!! Looks gorgeous and the styling is just right. Bravo!

  4. I love your cart, and that you make such great use of it. Sadly, when I moved over 7 yrs ago, I was in a mad rush to pack up and had so many people rummaging through my stuff (supposedly to help) and they kept asking if I wanted my stuff. So I inadvertently ended up giving my brass and glass tea cart away. I have missed it all this time. That cake looks YUMmy!

  5. Painted,
    Oh, yes, the cart. My father gave a cart to my mother one Christmas as a gift, insinuating it could be used to help serve him better. And the battle began! – A lovely post here. Glad your cart is working out better.
    ps Also glad you liked my recent post “So Bright as to be Blinding.” The conclusion to it will be this Sunday’s post. I hope you return to read it. Thanks, Mike.

  6. Hi,

    Read your comment and I came on over to take a looksie. Your cart is amazing!! I’ve been looking for one like that, but like I said it’s either out of my price point or like a unicorn hard to come across. If I do, it will be mine. Thank you for the advice on styling my makeshift cart and I look forward to seeing how it will turn out 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hey! Thanks for looking – you didn’t have to 😊 and I agree about how hard they are to find – I walked into the thrift store, and I beelined to it. Wheeled it around as I looked , all hunched over because it’s so low. I’m sure I looked ridiculous but I’m also sure that if I’d hesitated I would have lost it! I hope you’ll post your changes, it’s still a great cart!

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