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Does This Wall Make Me Look Fat?

IMG_1514Nice enough wall, but starting to feel insipid to me.  And this one, well, sad and pale.


Time to give them a punch in the gut.  But how do you do that? you ask.  Taking a inspirational cue from this blogger’s post Making Progress (about his fabulous dining room), I saw black as my answer.

To make sure my new edges remain as crisp as the old, I taped off the edge and painted the inside edge with the original white.  If it bleeds, it will bleed the colour already on the wall. What? Genius!

IMG_1519      IMG_1515

If you want a more detailed step by step, check this out.  Peel off the tape before the paint is fully dry.


Just look at this edge. Seriously, sharp enough to slice a tomato.

Time to re-dress the walls.  But wait! There’s more!  After I put up the artwork on the big wall, I felt like it needed a little finishing touch.  Pulled out the level, measuring tape and chalk. With the chalk, I framed out the black panels with a double line. Yes, I could have used a paint pen or I could have painted it in, but I didn’t want it permanent just yet. Besides, I wanted a less formal feel.

IMG_1745  IMG_1743

Don’t ask me if I removed the artwork before I drew in the chalk lines… you know I didn’t.

And no, I did not use blackboard paint to begin with, though you could.  I used basic flat black- Behr brand from the Home Depot .  You can still draw with chalk on regularly painted walls, it still wipes off with a damp cloth.  Years ago I used to write phrases on my kitchen wall in chalk.  No one told me I couldn’t, so I am now telling you that you can! If it rubs off, put it back on. If you make a mistake, wipe it off and try again.  Sheesh, could it get any easier?

Next, I found an old frame, inserted wrapping paper into it that I held in place on the glass with this glue.

IMG_1746 IMG_1755


Instant white board for messages, postcards, reminders, whatever! Black things got painted white.



Black is so slimming.  Now, don’t get too fond of this set-up, I feel a change coming on…..


50 thoughts on “Does This Wall Make Me Look Fat?

  1. You are soooooooo darned amazing!!! That looks awesome!

    So, our family room looks awesome, but it’s hard to photograph and now we splurged and bought a new couch and chair. Sooooo excited! Couch comes tomorrow. Chair on back order, so, that’s giving me pause and buyers remorse about whether we shall go on the hunt for something vintage instead of the new chair?

    Love, love, love, love your blog.

    January cure starts soon!!! Yay!

  2. This is a fantastic idea! I love the chalkboard lines its add a bit of glam without going overboard!! Looks great!

    1. Oh you’re on to me! I actually debated using the paper that is on the lampshades, but I didn’t think it was wide enough to reuse. Hang on, here comes the tightwad express, lol! Thanks for the comment 😉

  3. So incredibly perfect, in that “I think I’ll keep it” kind of way. I absolutely love it and I also love knowing it will be evolving from here. Well done!!! Looks phenomenal.

  4. Wow! I’m always amazed how big an impact paint makes!! This looks really classy and I love the tip about painting the edges white first…never thought about that!
    Just curious…what cha got growing in the glass vase? …. you were right about the paper whites and the smell… Who knew something so pretty held such an offensive smell? … no one mentions that in their posts about planting paper whites 😦 My kids kept saying “who smells like pee?”… then we realized it was the flowers! Ugh!
    Anyhoo…. hope you have a fantastic 2015! looking forward to more great ideas!

  5. Looks great and I love painting things black – hmmm maybe an entire accent wall is in my future….I love the fact you are already thinking about the next look – a gal after my own heart….Happy New Year – looking forward to the rest of your 2015 posts!!!

  6. First of all I thought the first wall with grey was cool enough and then that! I love it! You are my kind of girl, I’ll say it again, your writing is so cool and fresh, what a pleasure to read you!

  7. Very nice. Love the title of your post as well. The first thing I thought.. “There are just some questions a man shouldn’t answer- EVER!
    You have some very neat ideas, I’ll have to show your blog to Mama.

  8. am I ever glad to have found your Blog!! this coming spring is repaint the interior of the house year, I am probably going to pilfer many of your ideas and decor, Thanks to your awesome talent… I am going to earn Major “my Hubby is a Rock Star” points from my Wife!! lol

  9. This looks wonderful – and I really like the chandelier pictures, as well! The black is great – I always wonder why it’s so obvious for tuxedos, but people think it’s frightening for walls!

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