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My Frankenstein Globe


I have been on the hunt for a globe like the ones I’ve been lamenting (ok if you look up the definition of lamenting, perhaps I am being a bit over-dramatic ) on Pinterest.  I knew I could paint one up as good as the rest of them, the problem was finding one that needed rescuing.  Globes are hot right now and are not on the cheap side.  The painted globes I’ve seen around town are upwards of $250.00. Need I say more?

So imagine my delight when on a whim I stopped in at our local Homesense store and found this beauty:

IMG_1726  A bit worse for wear really:

IMG_1729 IMG_1730  IMG_1728  But I gleefully grabbed it and almost skipping, with a slightly crazy grin (not a picture you need in your head), I made my way to the checkout as fast as I could manoeuvre through the throngs of people all eyeing my amazing score…

IMG_1767 See???

I almost made it uninterrupted to the till when a Homesense associate stopped me in my tracks.  “I’m sorry, dearie,” said the lovely little Scotts woman before me “did ya see tha it’s broken?” She asked with a look of dismay and pity. “YES!” I blurted. “Isn’t it GREAT?” I think my eyes may have rolled a little and I almost chortled at this point.  She backed away.  I made a football move and with globe under my left arm, right arm sticking straight out I barrelled forward as fast as I could, only to be stopped by yet another concerned citizen who thought I must be impaired in some way since I had this damaged world in my hands.

“Oh, it’s broken!” she said, sadly shaking her head at me expecting my exuberant thanks for saving me from this terrible monster I called MINE. I ignored her pity, still feeling a little high from the fumes of a great find and said. “I KNOW! I’m so LUCKY! She too, backed away. I could tell she was considering calling in the troops, but fortunately I made it up to the till without further incident.

I don’t remember the drive home, but I made it safely I’m assuming, and started working to piece together my Frankie.


Since I had every intent on painting the entire thing I wasn’t too concerned about the broken-ness.

IMG_1769 IMG_1772

First gold, then black.  I apologize to all those whose countries I have decimated in this process, but it was never to be a functioning geographical globe, as you have surely noticed.  I penciled in the phrase.

IMG_1776  There’s an old song by Jackie Deshannon that I’ve used some of the lyrics from: What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love. I thought it appropriate.  And if you’ll notice, the word LOVE covers the broken part of the globe. Awwwww!

For fun I added this glow in the dark product on all the dots.


It actually works, they look like stars and would make a great night light for my imaginary grand-children…(no pressure, girls). I tried to take a picture but they did not show their glowing awesomeness. I’m pretty sure you can use your imagination though.


From there I added this vintage from the 60’s hard covered suitcase and started to source some travel stickers.  I didn’t find what I wanted so I tried to make some myself.  Epic fail.  Dollar store stickers – good deal but I wasn’t willing to invest the time to do a really decent job on the copying part, so I took them off.

IMG_1794 IMG_1788 IMG_1796 IMG_1815

I’ll keep looking.  If you know of a good source, let me know!


 *No staff or customers at Homesense were harmed in the making of this post


74 thoughts on “My Frankenstein Globe

  1. This is awesome…everything about this is too good to give it words..great job and find! I love the globe and suitcase vintage look, so hot right now! I love how you made it so inexpesive! Great job!

  2. Globes are so expensive, I’ve been looking as well. I love that you found a great deal on one you could patch back together with love!

  3. I am sooo jealous…I have looked for a broken globe, albeit at rummage sales, for several years… You must be living right. Nice job on the message, too, I considered chalkboard paint, but I like yours better. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love it, what did you use to fix the bottom? We will hopefully be moving soon (waiting for the inspection ) when I saw this space you created I knew I needed to follow you. God knows I will be so broke if we get this house but a good broke and I will need all the great ideas out there! Great job!

    1. Oh you’re making it hard to carry this big head around! I really just glued everything back together and it’s covered by the stand and by the fact that I used black paint. Did you have the inspection yet? House poor is how I started finding my way. You’ll be just fine!

  5. You are sooooooo funny! I shouldn’t laugh too hard as I think I’m the same way…screaming “back off!!!” in my head as I head towards the checkout! Ha ha!
    Love your new globe!

  6. Gotta love it. Nice job – did you just glue it all back together first? I can’t even tell it was broken. Of course you want broken! Then you don’t #1. spend the money and #2. feel badly about messing around with a perfectly good globe. I would have done the exact same thing. Rock on!

  7. Wow, this looks really awesome, Black and gold is always an elegant solution. On a suitcase related topic I would really like your opinion on one of my projects.
    I think you might find it interesting, about the luggage tags and stickers, on istock you could buy a vector illustration like this
    And the print them. There are some very cool illustrations there.

  8. You could totally make this into a great present for a friend!! Imagine you made up your own constellations – with shapes and words that were meaningful to memories you have with that person. And then you painted in black and gold just like you did the constellation map with a special quote about friendship. Or from your friend’s favourite author or whatnot. How cool!! I love your creativity by the way! Way to make something awesome out of a difficult situation 🙂

  9. LOVE this! Homesense gets me every time. They actually now sell pretty black and gold and other fun coloured globes like this, for people like me, I assume, who don’t have the courage to do it themselves. Awesome job.

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