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Cross Stitch on Steroids




If you’ve ever done cross stitch in any form, you’ll understand how fun it can be, how relaxing and mind numbingly TEDIOUS!

I saw these :

IMG_1823 IMG_1822  IMG_1824

I thought to myself, how do I do these in giant form in less time?? Ceiling grid tiles came to mind, but they are plastic and flimsy at best.  And then it hit me! Peg Board!

IMG_1827 It has holes that can join up to make the x’s needed in cross stitch, it’s bigger than any cross stitch canvas and it’s cheap at $8.00 for a 2’x4′ sheet at the Home Depot. (which let me interject here is a double edged sword as I’ll explain shortly).

I have used peg board to make a fabulous headboard, and now it could make a piece of art.

After deciding on the retro girl, I had to figure out (CURSES! Math!) how to draw it on the board and how the stitches would fall and how to position it.  After a few false starts I got it figured out.  I drew out a grid and then x’d my pattern on the backside of the board, in chalk, which was great to erase and start over when I needed to – more times than I’d like to admit actually. Ok, I’ll admit it was 4 times, or maybe five….I quickly saw that because of the size of the pegboard and the number of x’s in the actual pattern, I wouldn’t get the whole picture on the pegboard.  If a seam would not bother you running through your cross stitch, you can attach pegboards together to get the size you need OR you could separate the pegboards and make a cross stitch tryptic (Ha! say THAT 3 times fast) which then I would be jealous I didn’t think of that until now.


Tip number 1: Unless you want it opposite to the actual picture, remember to flip the original so that when you start your stitches on the back side it will translate properly ( I didn’t do that since I really didn’t give it much thought, and it took me awhile to realize why I wasn’t seeing the results correctly. Duh.)

Tip number 2: Because the holes are large, you could use ribbon, thick string, or like me, left over wool (thanks, mom!). Another blogger who is a knitter, suggested getting bits and bobs at thrift stores, which of course is genius.


Tip number 3: And speaking of the wool, cut longish manageable lengths so you aren’t continually reaching for another strand but not too long that it makes that frustrating knot mess that can happen. (Happened!)


Tip number 4: Tape the end of the wool with any tape you have on hand. It makes a good needle-ish apparatus to jam through the hole and keeps the wool from fraying.

Tip number 5: I found holding the pegboard upright like how I imagine a harp player holds a harp was the easiest way to check out the back and front as much as I needed.  Maybe wearing something you don’t mind getting chalk on is a good idea too since you constantly come in contact with it.

And it’s off to the races.  Because the grid is drawn on its fairly easy to count where you start and switch.  I chose to keep it super simple since counting is still in the math family and I tend to get distracted easily.  The nice thing (think) is if you muck it up and the stitches are dropped and forgotten, it’s no big deal.  It can still look really cool and like you had planned it that way all along!


I kept it simple with the black and red (a little wink of pink).


I messed up the eye on the left a bit, but like I said above…and I love that she almost looks like Betty and Veronica. I love Betty and Veronica.

And there you go! I’d say it took about 3 hours of actually stitching – there may not seem like a lot, but it is a lot of work balancing the board and counting and stuff.

I think I may try just painting x’s on a canvas.  Could be x-citing…….



47 thoughts on “Cross Stitch on Steroids

  1. I love your idea. I think I would call it cross-stitch for seniors since it would be so much easier to see the grid. I used to do cross-stitching years ago but had to give it up because it became way too eye-straining.

  2. Okay…. THIS is a cool idea!!! I’m not a huge fan of anything to do with numbers or math, but this I would try! You are dripping with creativity! One more thing…I’m loving your lamps on that gorgeous sideboard… beautiful! Did you paint that sideboard yourself and if you did is there a post on it? What kind of paint did you use? Is it a wax or poly finish? Why is the sky blue and how did Ed McMahn get my home phone number? … Oops! Went too far! Scratch the last two… Happy Saturday!

    1. I did a post eons ago about spray painting those lamps , so thanks for the comment! As far as the sideboard, it was a barter payment for a painting job I did painting someone’s sub floor in their kitchen to look like marble tile. I love that thing and yes I painted it but just with regular latex. Chalk paint was not a thing to try then. No wax. And the sky is blue because God is an artist and Ed McMahnn thinks you’re cute. Xo

  3. Just ONE more thing (ha ha)…
    WHY are you not linking this awesome project (or any of your other fab DIYs) to blogs like “Pink When” to share your awesomeness??? Girl you got talent you should be spreading!

      1. Uh…Yah…poor word choice I guess… OOPS! LOL! You must check out Jennifer Wests’ blog: and link up to her sunday DIY showcase! It will also bring a tonne of readers to your blog :0) She does a huge range of DIY from cooking, to making soaps, to building and painting all sorts of stuff…you’d fit in well :0)!!

  4. Okay, I guess I have to admit I know how to cross-stitch in order to show appreciation for this great idea (broke hip, bored in hospital, nurse gave me a cross-stitch kit, did many others during recuperation). BTW, if one has a truck, peg board comes 4’x8′ @ $16 but the idea of a tryptic might look better than one big piece.

    1. Ouch! They say God uses all things for good so you broke your hip so you could learn cross stitch so you could comment on my blog and I would be amazed by your gumption! See how that works? And my Home Depot did not have bigger pieces of peg board, and I didn’t venture further. It could be cool with cross stitch flowers hung horizontally! I say you should try that.

  5. Why didn’t I see this? Why? This awesome, and just another reason to hate you in a good way. I’m so going to do all of these things… Okay, so maybe not.

    Here’s the thing, I totally am into the gray on that cabinet. I wish I could add a photo to comments so I could show you the hutch I really want to paint, but am too darn SCARED.

    I’ll be posting Treasures from the Trail, my finds during my harrowing winter weather trip to NJ and back again. I am beyond joyful and delighted at my finds, and I was SICK as a DAWG with the flu from the Old Folks Place, too. I think being sick is like, a lucky charm. 🙂

    1. Well ACTUALLY, the hutch is white, it’s just a poorly lit area, so shame on me for misleading you…but geeze what’s the worst that can happen? Paint it already. If you hate it paint it or strip it. Just do it for pete’s sake (have I sufficiantly berated you?) get moving, Pearls!

      1. Haaa. I’m such a painting LOSER! But, I do have some redeeming qualities. Watch for post. I’m doing it now. Unless, hubby makes me stop to watch Idol.


  6. I have used pegboards for hanging art in shows before and saw a really cute use a couple years back. Someone painted the shape of a Christmas tree on one side and stuck in tiny lights from the other side to light it up. It would look cuter cross stitched though.

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