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The Writing’s on the Wall


I made this headboard a few years ago.  The fabric was an attempt to just get the darn thing done, and I never liked it.  I covered over it a few times with this and that, but none of them seemed quite right either.  I thought I might tackle it again, and on a trip to Homesense, I thought I might have found an answer with these tablecloths:


I draped each one on the headboard:


Nice pattern and colour, but horrible polyester and too narrow.


I love the idea of this one, but overall it’s just too much.


Love the drama, but again just too too.

I reverted back to my roots at the Home DepotIMG_1212


I admit I would have preferred the colour to be less taupe and more cream, but the price is right (door number 3, please) $14.00 – and I could do whatever I wanted to it.  And what I wanted was peace and solace at bedtime when all the worries of my life tend to bombard me, so I turned to scripture. If you don’t dig that, you can quote Dr. Suess, song lyrics or 50 Shades of Cat Dander.  Whatever you want.

IMG_1878  IMG_1887

You can do the math and figure out where to start, where it will end and how big you should write. You know I didn’t bother, don’t you?  And yet, it finished at the end of the passage. Meant to be.

Let me interject here. You will not see all the writing, EVER.  You can write it so you have a border to staple and not miss the view of the words, but the pillows will be in the way at the end anyway, so if it isn’t as perfect as you might like, (bad spelling, drips and blobs, crooked lines) no big deal, it can still look great when you make up the bed real purty like.

I just used craft paint watered down a teeny bit to make the writing more fluid. It takes a bit of time to go over the letters, but I worked on it here and there when I had some time.  Overall, not Rocket Science (or math, MY way anyway – Hallelujah!).  And a side note to the dropcloth fabricators out there – should the paint have leaked through to the table?  I think not.  BUT IT DID…you failed your only real job, dropcloth (but I still love you).


Make sure, if your headboard has cleats like my headboard, that you place the headboard on the fabric facing the right way before you start stapling. And miracle of miracles, I noticed mine was upside down before the first staple.  Though, I would have still rocked it!

IMG_1893 IMG_1895

I lowered the cleats on the wall about half a foot to give a different feel to the overall look.


If you are interested in the Board and Batten wall technique I used, click here, if you are interested in how I made the rope lamps, click here or the potato print bench at the end of the bed, click here and if you want to see how I gathered silk worms, collected the silk and wove it into my bedspread, click here – just joshing- it’s from West Elm!





53 thoughts on “The Writing’s on the Wall

  1. Nice job! A headboard is something I will have to tackle once we makeover the master bedroom (which is last on the list for renovation because it is also being used as a warehouse for the stuff being decanted from other rooms). I have to get used to the US way of headboards. In the UK, our headboards always attached to the bed – even on a divan style bed – and I have no experience of the type that affix to the wall. Could be an interesting experiment.

  2. I love it! Great work it looks so much better and definitely suits the space 🙂

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

  3. Oh My! I love this! You made the perfect decision keeping it neutral! I really like the other fabrics but maybe as pillows or drapes or… 🙂 You always have such great ideas! last year I paid $19.00 a meter for material with script on it … never thought to do my own 🙂

  4. One more thing … tiny tip for you! … if you wash your dropcloth before hand in your washer with lots of bleach ( even let it soak) it turns out a nicer color and the fabric isn’t so stiff… it actually ends up looking like linen?
    Sweet dreams in your new bed 🙂

  5. This is so wonderful! Peaceful, inspiring, soothing, centering… all the good adjectives I can think of right now. Can’t wait to totally steal…ahem… I mean, BORROW your lovely idea. 🙂 Thinking throw pillow. Baby steps, you know!

    PS I laughed out loud about the poor dropcloth failing at its only purpose in life. Then I read it to my husband and he laughed too. But you are right. Dropcloths are at the heart of any DIY decorator so we love them forever and for all their flaws.

    1. Thanks so much! Did you see my kitchen curtains out of the same drop cloths? I know people who cover furniture with the stuff and it looks amazing! Thanks for all your “likes” and fun comments. I live for comments! 😉

      1. Hahahaha I do too! It’s so nice to know someone likes what you are doing. I love drop clothes. I use them for everything. Well almost 😉 Keep up the good work. Inspiring others to do great things! Have an awesome weekend! Koko✿

  6. I enjoy reading your posts, you have a fun writing style. I have a leather headboard that I want to make a slip cover for, but I am awfully lazy. Thank you for showing your decision making process. I think so often people assume that the first try was spot on. I love to see how other people think when they create/decorate. The result is lovely. Nice choice.

  7. Kudos to you. I love text covered fabric. Great design and choice. But I’m not that brave. I would like to try it…on something much, much smaller. I have a small drum lamp shade that needs a face lift. Great post!!

    1. I’ve done it on a lampshade and found it harder than the fabric since you need to put pressure on it to write and it always buckled. Just a heads up but do try it! The results should be great. Someone else said they’d try it on a pillow. That could be a good start too. Thanks for the comment!

    1. I was looking at your posts and saw the folded book one. I’ve been deciding on which one to do. I saw some done at the coffee shop with the book art installment I copied (let them eat cake) and now you got me all excited about it again! Great minds think alike, thanks!

  8. Love it. As usual! I’m a huge fan of anything burlappy, drop clothey, or jutey. I’m going to build a Murphy bed soon, this might be the best idea for a headboard for that. You cheer me.

  9. I just wanted to let you know that I’m awarding you with a Liebster. I know you received one a couple years ago so i’m just going to link to that post in my blog (unless you feel like doing another one) but since you were one of the first people i subscribed to when i finally got around to making my own blog and still one of my favorites it was only fitting that I put you in my list.

    1. You are the cutest, and thanks for that, but I actually don’t qualify for one anymore. I think you have to have 250 or less followers. The awards police may take issue, lol. But truly I am beyond flattered😘

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