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Cheap Wallpaper comes from the Devil.


And Bouclair Canada sells it. And their customer service doesn’t care. #LAME

That said, it looked good for about a minute. I look back at my blog post about using that wallpaper, and there’s a whole lota foreshadowing going on.  I wish I had taken my own advice.  If you want to see, click here.  In the end, all the flaws did end up driving me crazy and I was always worried people who had to use this washroom were playing Spot The Flaws, and so it HAD to go.

See this wall? 3 hours of peeling teeny tiny pieces of wallpaper. IMG_1986  IMG_1990 This small. Three bags full. A total of over 9 hours. Nine. Hours. But I have learned my lesson and also the lesson for you. Pay for the better stuff. Just do it. Don’t be dumb.

IMG_1989 IMG_1983 IMG_1995

Does this one look a little like Italy? I was ready to go to Italy by the time I got to this point. I like Italy. I don’t like peeling this wallpaper.

Ok so enough whining. The job got done and I gave the walls a nice fresh coat of Ralph Lauren’s Pocket Watch. A creamy white.

I also painted the brown vanity white, but made the Pocket Watch into chalk paint.

Half a cup of plaster of paris, half a cup of warm water, one cup paint.  Mix well.  It goes a long way.  Once you paint the amount of coverage you want and it dries, some people sand away edges and corners to give a weathered, antique look.  I kept it solid. I then gave a good rub all over with a little clear furniture (I used Min) wax to protect it and give it a good hard shell. Like an M&M!  yumm. Don’t forget the coffee…


IMG_1410 IMG_1413 IMG_1411 IMG_1415 IMG_1425

I will show you the finished cabinet in the bathroom reveal… And let me show you my inspiration for my new bathroom:

My friend’s glasses!!


Can’t wait to show you.



25 thoughts on “Cheap Wallpaper comes from the Devil.

  1. What? We have to wait? What’s that about? Sigh. I hear Carly Simon singing.

    You know what song, right?

    BTW, I love the ceiling and the wall paper as a design. I’m going to read that blog now.

    I need to paint my vanity, so… I’m waiting to see yours! 🙂

  2. That’s five hundred and forty minutes! I really admire your patience.:)
    To tell you the truth, you did such a great job with the “budget” wallpaper (and I don’t mean the peeling off) that I can’t make out the flaws from the photos and I dare say it looked great even. :O

    1. Ah but that’s because I didn’t show you any close-ups! There were tears and touch up paint and bits cut out and stuck overtop. Horrible! The magic of cameras! But thanks for counting up the minutes, lol! Sounds even longer that way. 😳

  3. Bless your heart! I know that feeling… the one where you knew better than to cut corners but your wayward determination makes you do it anyway! Kind of like the time I painted my entire kitchen’s-worth of cabinets with the wrong kind of primer only to have to scrape/peel/chemically melt it all off and start over with the Zinsser Cover Stain I should have used to begin with! 🙂 Those cautionary tales are what makes us crazy people such invaluable resources to our sane peers. And the vanity looks fab!

  4. Seriously??? You’re going to leave me hanging like that??? I NEED to see that vanity finished 🙂 LOL! I can hardly wait to see the full transformation I know it will be filled with creative design. Too bad about the wall paper, it was a nice design. I can’t imagine the work of taking it off … like stripping paint off furniture… yuck! Hope you have a great weekend!

      1. I have been kidnapped by my new job… yah…I’m back at a full time job in a surgeon’s office. I didn’t expect the job offer, but I took it as the pay is good and it will be our renovation fund for the acreage house we are purchasing. I just haven’t had time to adjust yet to “work mode” mixed with painting projects. I will be only working 4 days a week soon so then I can keep blogging on :0)!
        I miss contributing on a weekly basis…soon though…soon!
        Hurry up on the bathroom hey? 🙂

  5. Wow, that looks amazing. Fantastic work! I am not looking forward to removing the circa 1965 wall paper my hall. It’s a project for another day. Interestingly enough the fabric I picked out for the sitting room drapery is similar in design to the wall paper your removed! Ha!

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