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Let’s Polka!


When I was much younger, my parents decided my older brother and I should take music lessons.  My brother got a brand new shiny black and white electric bass guitar.  I got my grandpa’s accordion…. true story.  And maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if I had learned some romantic Parisienne melodies or even  some funky zydeco, but this was not the case.  Jaunty Polka.  Oh the injustice.

But polka also refers to dots, and polka dots always make me happy! I don’t care if they are on clothes, home accessories, artwork or food, I am a big fan. Good segue, no?

You’ve all been so patient about the washroom transformation, so here it finally is!

IMG_2148IMG_2151 IMG_2146 IMG_2136 IMG_2140IMG_2156

Here’s how I got to this point:

IMG_1979  I bought a Fiskars circle cutter and some black vinyl used to laser cut quotes in one of those cutting machines crafters use. I tried the giant circle squeeze punch Fiskars also makes, but after about 3 sharp cut circles, they were raggedy and unusable. The circle cutter has directions you download from their website.  They really need to reconsider those directions.  Not so good.  But I figured it out and blew through that vinyl roll in no time. These dots are 2″ in diameter. The vinyl and cutter came in at around $50.00. There is a company called Urban Walls where you can purchase pre-cut dots and other shapes who have a great website, but I really wanted to give DIY it’s fair shot. In hindsight, I don’t know that I saved much money my way, but it was fun doing it, so whatevs.

IMG_1981  IMG_1980

Next was figuring out how many circles, how far apart and how to apply them straight and in corners, etc.

You would have been so proud of my math skills on this one! Or maybe I’m just finally getting the hang of math. Or it was just a plain old miracle. ANYway, I measured out the first wall, and taped off the size on my floor.  This allowed me to play around and see how it would look without any commitment.


As I started transferring them to the wall, I only peeled back part of the backing, so I could move the dots how I needed without having to fully peel them off constantly. Under the picture of the single dot you can see a light purple line. That’s water colour pencil I used as a guide to line them up properly.  It wiped away with a damp cloth when I was done.

IMG_2017 IMG_2018

After the first wall, I was able to go around the room with the pencil lines as my guide and BAM! it was completely finished in about an hour.

The finishing touches:

IMG_2064 I forgot a before pic, so this is as good as you’re getting, but you get the idea anyway.  Teal ceramic stool.  Gold spray paint on the top portion, high gloss white on the bottom, sealed with spray high gloss sealer.

IMG_2061 IMG_2063  IMG_2157

Next, the dilemma of what to put over the toilet to hold T.P., soap and washcloths. I looked for ages and although I never found exactly what I wanted, I found exactly what I already had.  It’s a planter from outside, spray painted gold (Rustoleum from the Home Depot)and will do just fine until I happen across the ideal piece. The art above it is a vintage flash card from the 70’s. (Are things from the 70’s vintage?) The chandelier art was moved from the front entry.

IMG_2092  IMG_2114

So there it is in all it’s polka dot glory. I will say here and now, there will be no accordion music to accompany whatever goes on in there, unless it’s playing on Songza, and I guarantee it won’t be a polka


43 thoughts on “Let’s Polka!

  1. Coo! I’ll be remodeling a bathroom over the summer. Don’t think we’ll do polka dots, but I love the idea of repurposing some older decor for bathroom use. Have to start thinking…

  2. You probably get asked this all the time, but when you run out of projects in your house (on the 3rd go-round) would you start on mine please? … Kinda like Super Nanny, works on other people’s kids, not just her own. My home-decorating is like mis-behaving kids 🙂

  3. Love it, love it, love it! Just one thing…do you have any more shots of the vanity. I remember you mentioning it in an earlier post and I would love to see it in more detail.

  4. Finally, I can now rest easy, knowing that you have finished your bathroom, and now I’m dotty with it! (Is there such a thing?) Anyhow, I have some things up my sleeve, and you are my inspiration, as always. Off I go to slumber. ❤

  5. OMGoodness!!!! This is awesome! Congratulations on your new beautiful bathroom … amazing transformation!!! Well done!:) I’m jealous of your creativity … and of the fact you have lush green grass … ha, ha … mine is covered with ice and yucky snow mold…ewe! Every detail in your new bathroom is perfect. Did you make the shower curtain? How did you seal the vanity? Wax or poly? Just wondering so I can copy 🙂
    Have a great weekend “S”!


    1. Hey, I remember ice and snow mold! Yucky is right! And it’s ridiculous that you’d be jealous of my creativity when your own cup runneth over!! The shower curtain is from West Elm on sale and I learned from you about the wax 😉 Did you mean polyurethane when you say poly? How’s the new job going? How will you run your new store if you are working there??

      1. Hey…. How did I end up with all the questions?? lol! I’m hoping God has a plan for me… Okay, I KNOW He does 🙂 I’m just going with the flow and trusting that all those questions will be answered for me when the time is right. … oh ya, it is polyurethane 🙂 I have my own little slang I guess! I hope you have a great weekend chickey! There is a showing on our house tomorrow so I’m being a mean mom and making the kids stay in one spot of the house so they don’t mess my house cleaning job… they can sit and watch t.v. but can’t touch any thing but the remote until after the showing 😉 Ha!

  6. Yehhh! You are so talented! the bathroom is so cute and “Frenchy” It was worth the wait 😉 How long did it take you the whole process? Is it blue or black? Love it both ways! By the way, I changed my little blog’s name to “Château des Rêves” found out there were many “Just being Me” blogs…. I hope it doesn’t happen with this name too and I hope you’ll still be able to find me 😉

  7. I tried to change the name before and didn’t work… I just reblogged a post of mine after relly finishing it … would you be so kind and take a look at it and give me some feed back? I welcome all critiques, honestly! The bad thing is that I don’t know how to put a link here….Thank you!!!

    1. I just took a look, have you been blogging on this site since 2014? Are all those posts a secret life? I’m a little confused but delighted! Please tell me I went to the right blog…it there a pic of Kate Moss smoking?

  8. I don’t know if I understood the question but I think the answer is yes! I fell asleep watching a program and found your answer. Yeeh! A black and white picture? yes! let me take a look what post is that and check with you….But you are here commenting in the right blog and so am I 😉 There isn’t private messaging in the blog, is there? Sorry !

  9. I’m devastated… I actually clicked in my own name, “Château des Rêves” here, in my own comment… and it took me to somebody else’s blog, I think the name is Hotel des Reves….Now I know what you meant about something going on with my blog, I have a picture of somebody smoking I’m not sure if it was kate moss and it’s in black and white! but is not the one you saw and it was not in a recent post… Now I’m feeling like her, so blue and sad, it better start raining ’cause I’m about to cry ;(

    1. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Nothing else comes up but the other blog. I tried a bunch of ways, but all ways go directly there. If you go to WordPress support they can advise. Don’t panic

      1. I won’t go into details – let’s just say I refused to buy a stencil (stupid), tried a home-grown solution with my own “stencil” which did not work AT ALL, and basically ended up hand painting each circle :-). Lesson learned, pay the $10 for a stencil.

  10. It’s fixed! It worked! now whenever you have a moment, could you be even more awesome and take a look of my last posts? I “finished them” and I need to be critiqued …. Thanks you!

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