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Diamond Girl


Here is my husband’s grandmothers little dresser. All fancy schmancy like.


Lots of dust, grime and chippy bits that are NOT in a good shabby chic way. So how to update it, without just painting it top to bottom? Lika this! (and no, that is not a pot plant you see beside it so never mind even wondering for a second.)

IMG_2198Tape off the shape you want, and paint, paint, paint until you’ve disguised the chips or scratches, (or both).  I used the last of my Pocket Watch by Ralph Lauren purchased at the Home Depot. I painted the negative space, leaving the handles that get handled (ha) still the pretty wood. I thought the wood could take the manhandling better than the painted finish, even though I gave the painted parts a good minwax rub.

I painted it first with the drawers in place, then removed the drawers, painted the edges and smoothed out the bits that bled under the tape.


I did a little reverse on the top for fun. Because you know I’m all about the fun….a couple of hours total and I’ve got a new look to a sentimental piece.

Since the rest of the bedroom is light and beachy feeling, the dresser felt too heavy in just the wood finish. Had it not been chipped and scratched and faded in spots I probably wouldn’t have painted it…okay, I would have still done so, but now it was done with a clear conscience!

FYI – Artwork of Sophia Loren from Ikea (“storing” for my middle daughter) and the Paris street scene is from my fave thrift store.

So yes, or no to the painted wood?


46 thoughts on “Diamond Girl

  1. Yes, to the painted version! Fabulous.
    You’ve inspired me to go outside and paint and grungy, old chair. Like Sophia, everything I have I owe to spaghetti so the dinner can wait tonight.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have never seen this! Of course, I can’t paint nice wood, it for some reason goes against the grain (LOL, cracking myself up.) But I LOVE that you have and do! It’s beautiful!

    I’m getting these right now, isn’t that weird. Wassup with that? Of course, I’m overdue for my own blog… la, dee, da.

      1. Um, so I came back here to make sure that I’m not missing anything, and to tell you that I am about to embark on my freehand attempt at “wallpaper” in my new empty nest room. Painting white over hideous pink first, and then using paint pens, maybe silver and a little gold and just gonna start doodling and letting my creative juices lead the way. Probably will start with pencil until I feel confident.

        Anyhow, I looked at the date this was posted and when I had posted before, about never having seen this, I THOUGHT it was from last April. Can you see my blond roots, or WHAT?

      2. Ha well at least that explains it. You had me worried there! A little advice – if you use a pencil, make it a watercolour pencil so it will wipe off easily. A lead pencil is hard to cover…can’t wait to see!!

      3. good to know. I’m feeling really excited, I figure I can paint over it if I hate it, but I don’t think I will. I love to draw, and of course it will be tasteful, but I have a few fun ideas to hide in it, which makes me want to do it right now except the room is still ghastly pink.

        Thanks for tips and always the support. I love your work and your style and ideas so much that I actually wish I WERE you, but that of course would never work, I talk too much. 🙂

      4. What gives you the impression I DON’T talk too much? I totally do. And trust me, you are far better off being you, lol. I really hope you’ll post this amazing wall. I just painted out a raspberry feature wall from my daughter’s ex-bedroom and it was pretty easy. So quit talking about it and do it already. (I’m very impatient – another trait I’m sure you’ve escaped by being you…)

  3. Oh i love this! I have a bedroom set that was my great grandmother’s that is very mid century modern but also very worn out and I’ve just not been able to bring myself to updating it. I might have to find a way to paint parts of it while leaving the integrity of the piece like you did with this.

  4. I had a dresser from the same time period that my grandparents gave me when they sold their home. I just stripped and refinished it, but if I ever do it again (it has been at my father’s a while and stored in his damp cellar) I’m thinking to paint it.

  5. Love the interest you added to an otherwise boring piece! This looks fantastic now and I like the way you styled it. It goes perfect with that picture beside it! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to pop by and see what you’re up to … work seems to interfere with my time for blogland lately:( Once I find my groove/balance again I think I will be fine. Can’t wait to see whats next! Well done!

  6. I have no shame about painting wood – if you can add to the natural beauty, rather than covering it IYKWIM? This piece had sentimental value to you but I bet you wouldn’t have chosen to own it if it didn’t? Now it’s unique and stylish and something you are happy to live with! Love the reverse bit on the top!

  7. Awesome! I love the diamond point in white, it’s fun. I like the handles connected with a bar, they look like closed greek keys… I wish you can find a way to bring them back somehow! Very inspirational xoxo

    1. I stared at it for so long trying to imagine the best of both worlds (wood and paint) knowing I wanted something unexpected. And one day, it popped in my head, lol. Thanks so much for the comment and question!

  8. Great job! The diamond shape is fabulous. Is it possible to be a circle? If it takes only few hours I can do it at the weekend. I am so glad that I have found your article. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Hi! Well you could paint a circle if you could template it. I think taping it off would be the most challenging part especially if the piece you are painting has lots of grooves like mine did. I don’t know your skill level to guess how long it would take, but like I said, the taping is the time consumer. Good luck, I’d love a link if you do it so I can see. 🙂

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