Extra! Extra! Read All About a Creative Slump Here!


Feel free to hum the “Waiting For An Answer Song” from Jeopardy while you read this post.  It’s pretty much in my head a lot these days.  Team, I seemed to have hit the preverbial brick wall in the creativity department. The above pic is my creative imagination. Sad. Dry. Cough.

But! I have great hope that it will be a short- lived dry spell, and I’m also hoping that maybe, you my friends, might have some slump crushing ideas or projects you want to see done.

In the meanwhile, I will post a cute minor project I did thanks to the generous donation of this sweet little number from my good friend L.


Adorable, no?  And though I know mint is a trending colour currently, I prefer a little more, well, colour, in my colour.  I had lots of vinyl dots left over from my bathroom project, so I slapped those babies on the chair, front and back,

IMG_2401 IMG_2404 IMG_2406

took it outside and blasted it with the best Dry Spell Buster colour I know…


peeled off the vinyl dots before the paint dried, and ended up with this!

IMG_2420 Peachy!

Ok, so it’s not as time consuming or labour intensive as some of my projects, but maybe what I need right now is some instant gratification. The mint green dots look more white than green with that psycho lemon yellow around them and I love the “Woo Hoo look at me!” vibe it gives.


Let me know some of your tactics for getting over the slump. So far, mine has just been to do something, ANYthing with paint.  Of course!


37 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read All About a Creative Slump Here!

  1. Aawwwww….it looks soooooo cute:)))) !!!!!
    Don’t sell yourself short on the small things in life (or the creative process). Sometimes less IS more;)
    Be encoraged:))

  2. Lovely and cheerful!
    My slump-buster is to spend several hours on Pinterest. I just type random words followed by craft or DIY and I soon come across a gazillion ideas that spark something in me 😀

  3. I love the little chair! I’m a bumble bee person so that bright yellow is right up my alley.
    I’m currently painting a hutch for my dining room and transforming a bar stool and the base of my husband’s old high chair into bumble bee stools for my kitchen. It’s a little bit every day kind of project, but the constant doing of something creative keeps me going.
    I also bought a dollar store pizza pan, spray painted it fire engine red, super glued magnets to the wall of my sewing room and slapped it up there – instant magnet board for some cute sewing magnets!


  4. Hey girlie! Don’t stress it! Even in all your awesomeness … sometimes we need a break to gain new perspective … then it becomes fresh again. Enjoy a little break, that fantastic mind of yours won’t let you down as you’re too creative to have “run dry” ;0) Also… some of the biggest transformations are the ones that take the least effort ……… Your chair is just smashing! I love how fun and cheery it is, I would choose that one first to sit on for sure! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Awwwww. I feel your pain. It’s a problem for all of us creative types.

    I do have an answer, perhaps. You can come down here to Chicagoland and find a TON of fun projects at my house. And we will find this and paint that, and eat good food and drink good drink. I’ll keep a bed ready for you. Plus, a train ride into Chicago? Inspiration galore!

    Hugs, friend. May inspiration come like a summer train upon your head.

      1. We have, haven’t we?

        Setting up a blog where we can email is an AWESOME idea. I’ve spackled and taped off the horrendous pink room, and then sat down in the middle of it in a puddle of tears. Don’t get me wrong, we love our empty nest, love our daughter’s new life, wouldn’t change a thing, yet I became a blubbering old momma.

        I just need to start painting, and I will. Thank goodness we have tons of people coming into town in a few weeks. A deadline. Amen.

        Offer still stands. I’m sure I’ll have that pink room ready by the time you come for your visit! 🙂

      2. Eeeeek! I did it! I painted my own “wallpaper”. Adding one tiny but crucial element and then I will post it.

        Can you believe it? Because of you I brought my art to my home. My MIL saw it yesterday and was shocked that it A, wasn’t wallpaper, and B, that I painted it. She didn’t know I had such talent. Haaa! Humbling. I love her.

        Thank you, and you will see that a lovely sanctuary will be ready for you when you decide to take me up on my offer 🙂

      3. That’s so exciting! But I can hardly take the credit for YOUR talent as much as I’d like to…ok only if it’s really good 😉 hurry up and post, I can NOT wait to see it. And Quit thanking me! It’s all on you sista!

      1. I pursued your blog to see if maybe I could see it in the background somewhere ( and enjoyed some beautiful water colours instead!) I am going to be setting up a blog email for just that purpose – I’ll let you know. But do you have Instagram? And if yes, is there a pic of it there?

      2. Ha ha, yes I’m more of a watercolor person that furniture refinisher! But I aspire to do more. Send me your blog email when you have it and I’ll send a pic – if you are interested. I do have Instagram, but no furniture on it, more watercolor 🙂

      1. Absolutely but this time of year it’s definitely a great pic! It definitely is and those polka dots make it that much more better!

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