Pluses and Minuses


I think it’s back!

My mojo, I mean.  When we purchased the house, this particular room had been converted from the garage and was set up as a games/TV room. (The door with the black curtain in the picture below is the door out to the hot tub) but in order to appease poor daughter # 3, whom we forced to move away from friends, extended family and everything she held dear, we made it her room and set it up to make her relatively happy.  This included lots of pink.  Like living in a watermelon.  Here’s some befores:

IMG_1445 IMG_1443 First to go was the pink wall.  Using my new favourite white – Pocket Watch by Ralph Lauren, I gave the room a fresh start.


Next was deciding what the heck I could do to modernize the look, but not fall back on the easy solution, which is a solid paint colour or even a detailed feature wall that I’d have to live with for a long time even if I didn’t like it.  I am crazy about all the new vinyl decals out there now, big and bold like my polka dot bathroom, and you can purchase almost anything shape-wise you can imagine.  However, as per usual, my inner tightwad screamed BUDGET!! and I reverted to what I know… how to use nothing to get something.

One look I love is the plus signs that are really hot right now and it seemed an easy thing to copy.  But how? Paint? Vinyl? Wallpaper?  Those can cost money and time and planning.  So of course, I found another way.  Electrical tape.  No joke.  One roll.  Under $5.00.  Winning!!  Put on the Jazz music and let’s do this (tape and slogan from Home Depot).
 IMG_2462    IMG_2463   IMG_2466 After adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying for a long, long time, and confusing myself real, real good (don’t worry, I’m aware that’s bad grammar), I thought I’d just wing it and draw some lines with my watercolour pencil.  I started putting pluses up and went from there.  Lucky me, it actually all worked out spacial-y and although I had to adjust a few to be less crooked or too close/far, I think you’d be hard pressed to show me my mistakes easily.

To quicken the process in making all those perfectly plum pluses, I ran the electrical tape along my ruler, being careful not to pull too tightly since the tape tends to be springy and can recoil if pulled too taut, causing some sections to be too short. I cut every 4 1/2 inches to form equal strips for both the vertical and horizontal. And the finished product:

IMG_2605 IMG_2602

IMG_2583  IMG_2600

I also painted the little antique vanity, but made my own chalkpaint: 1/3 cup plaster of paris ( available, where else but the Home Depot), 1/3 cup cool water. Mix well. Add paint of choice – for me it is my current aforementioned fave white Ralph Lauren’s Pocket Watch.  Mix well, paint all surfaces. Let dry and wax after with Minwax. If you have any questions about this method, please ask!

Bright, fresh and airy! I am finally feeling excited about some other up and coming projects to blog about AND I’m excited about getting this room back for guests…or maybe just for me….




23 thoughts on “Pluses and Minuses

    1. Haha yes, I’ve been looking at it differently these days. I used to think duct tape was magic, now it’s electrical tape….I wonder what else is next? Thanks for the chic comment!

    1. Yay, thank you! Winning is fun, especially if you’ve been losing for a while. Thanks for taking the time to comment- it means a lot to me!

  1. Love your style! Once you have a vision it’s not stopping you. Black and white with pops of color is the way to go. Ya did it “great” again! The Chandelier on the door, love it.

    1. Now, THAT’s a comment! Thank you for those words – you placed a grin on my face and the chandelier was there before, I just couldn’t take all of her out of the room…

  2. Lovely. “Love” the dear vanity and round mirror. So annoyed at myself for not grabbing a small, similar one from the curb. Once upon a time. Should have. Black and white with pops of colour- “perfect.”

    1. Thank you SO much! When you get a block (be it writing or whatever) as I’m sure you understand, it can be such a rush to find your way again. Thanks for being there!

      1. “Love” your site; it is inspirational. “Blocks” are frustrating but they allow me to redirect, focus and think something through, find another “way,” get creative.
        I’m attempting to complete a “redo” of a bedroom using what I have and the odd “treasure” found. I’ve come to realize (many gallons of paint later) that I prefer a greyed white wall (Winter White- Benjamin Moore) and pops of colour- through accessories. This go round I might get it right!

      2. OOoh sounds pretty. will you post (IhopeIhope) a pic? I am very curious about the treasure you speak of…thanks too for loving the way you do 😉

  3. This is awesome! I don’t think you had that stale toast in your head, I think you are just running out of space in your house! What is next? Your own online store? I love the black frames too! That chandelier looks amazing from here and the view is beautiful, the vanity and mirror look so fresh … you are great xoxo

    1. I love getting your comments, you are always so encouraging!! An online store,you say. I’ve never considered that before you put that notion in this head…You could be right about the idea of not having space left. You always get me thinking!! The black frames have been around forever. One has wallpaper in it and the other I painted over what was already in there. Cheap cheap 😉

      1. Yes the weather is divine – after church I shall tackle the deck – if I can ever decide and stick with what to do…lol a good problem to have for a change

      2. Was this comment for me? I think you misplaced it! didn’t you? haha! You haven’t visited me for a while! I didn’t have access to my computer for a few days and had recently, finally! change my old phone for an iphone 6 plus 😉

      3. Oh my gosh I didn’t send it to you I was replying to another’s comment. Honest! MY iPad jumps around on my blog a lot – must have wanted me to pay attention to you instead. I WONDERED what happened to that comment, lol!

      4. Yes! I think it wanted you to pay attention to me! You haven’t seen my last posts I believe… I’ve been without computer for a couple of weeks almost. And I couldn’t get to Instagram either since I got a new phone. Now it’s working!

  4. Loving the feel of this room now!!! I love how you think outside the box … Thank you for sharing your awesomeness! I can hardly wait to see what’s next :0)

    1. Thanks to YOU for re-subscribing. Once you get your own domain you lose everyone you happily collected along the way. Very humbling but a necessary growing pain. I think. Or so I’m told. yay.

      1. Of course! I like your posts and some great ideas to!

        Yay! and congrats again on the new space!

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