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The Day Whimsey Came to the Kingdom


Once there was a very Sad Little Experiment.  Since the Experiment failed, it was hidden away in the darkest corner of the house, left to fend for itself. There, it came in contact with many a cruel twist of fate. Glasses with drips, plates with sloppy eaters, bumps, scrapes, dust, grime and not a bit of love.

But one day, an Idea came to town. And there, on the Sad Little Experiment the Idea came to rest. But it was not just any Idea – it was a Whimsical Idea. The best and most coveted Idea of all time. It came with spray paint. GOLD spray paint. Lacquered WHITE spray paint.

Because of it’s special Whimsical capabilities, just spraying the top or the legs of the experiment never entered the Idea’s creative mind. Instead, golden goodness and glossy white came to rule. And it did. And the Kingdom rejoiced.

The End

Here’s how it played out:IMG_2705I used Rustoleum Gold metallic spray paint and White Lacquered spray paint (from Home Depot, naturally). I propped up the feet on the side I was painting.IMG_2709That way you get every nook and cranny. (what exactly are crannies?) Paint one side – you don’t need to use spray paint if you have other paint around. Use what you have!!  And peel off the tape.

Here’s one of my favourite tricks.  When the first side is solid in colour and very, very dry, use repositional spray glue and wax paper. Spray just the straight edge of the wax paper and line it up exactly on the white paint edge.  Rub down lightly to make sure there’s no lifting. This way the overspray will not seep under. Spray your next colour as many coats as you need and remove wax paper before last coat dries.



All dressed up and ready for Royalty!


23 thoughts on “The Day Whimsey Came to the Kingdom

  1. Oh my! This looks super chic now! Love the way it all fits together … each piece complimenting each other…. well done my friend! I like the tip about using the adhesive and wax paper…. so much easier than my usual struggle with shrink wrap!! Love how your mind works!
    Hope you’re having a sunny weekend, we’re wet and rainy here!

    1. It was a glorious day and I painted my deck. Needs a second coat and LOTS of touch up but I’m digging it so far 🙂 AND another glorious day ahead tomorrow. Come sit with me!

      1. I would be on the next flight out if I could! How close are you to Campbell River? My hubby is there with the air tankers … going to make a trip out to see him sometime in the next few weeks!

      2. I don’t think very close. I live in White Rock right by the ocean:) come anyway. I’m serious!

      3. O h M y G o o d n e s s ! ! ! YOU are sooooo funny! We definitely need to get together sometime …. I think I would laugh the whole time :0)


      4. If I could swing it I totally would – I love people who laugh at my lame jokes 😉

  2. This looks wonderful. Do you have any tips you could share on using spray paint? You’re finish is lovely, so well done, and mine spray painting never comes out as smooth.

    1. Oh! I really don’t think about it since I do so much but I guess I can think of a few tips to share. Shake the can for at least a minute or it doesn’t spray colour weirdly enough. Don’t spray too close or you get drips. Spray outside of course and steady back and forth strokes. Don’t try to get it done in one try, you’ll need to go back over a few times, I still miss spots now and then. And be sure to let it fully dry between coats or it can bubble. Once all the coats are done, peel off the tape while still wet or it can pull off bits. ALL of the things I warn of have happened to me – and still occur if I rush. And I always want to rush, lol! I hope this helps – let me know how it goes.

  3. I have a table next to my sofa that I love (it’s hexagonal!), but I’ve wanted to do something with it. The legs were scuffed when I bought it and it’s very dark. Now my wheels are turning. Thanks for sharing this idea! I love how the table turned out, and learned a new trick about painting a clean line with spray paint!

    1. Oh I think a hexagonal table would look great half and half! I love mine everytime I look at it and you will too. I’m excited for you and
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Love the new table! Such a refresh 🙂 You always think outside the box and I love that, there are really no “rules” anymore with décor so I love that you embrace that. Plus it suits your style and your accessories so well!

    Another great reveal!

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

    1. thanks Lauren! it means a lot that you continue to comment. Really look forward to hearing your take!

    1. Thanks! – quick note, they didn’t stay in the bowl very long….need a more permanent solution, lol.

  5. Hi! I don’t get why I don’t get your post anymore…. when you moved here I followed you again, right? Am I doing something wrong? Do you still have me as a follower? My computer broke down and got a new hard drive. Since then I’ve had lots of problems with everything, like I don’t have the hovering Pinterest buttons on my images…it is really frustrating! Well, I just wanted to say hi, when I click in one of your comments to write to you it still takes me to your old site and then I used the link to this new one…. Hugs!

    1. Hiya! I just checked and no I don’t think it stuck. Try again and let me know. Like I said I am not loving the new format, hopefully a book I bought will help me out. and I guess I no longer have an about page….I need to reinstate that. Thanks for letting me know!!

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