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Hey all, in order to force myself to get off my laurels and keep posting, for a couple of months I joined The Pop of Red’s blog Craft Challenge.

The premise is, we are told the item that we need to use in our craft post each month and then we are let loose to do what we do. July is sewing.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, email Emily at  I dare ya.

I am, as many of you know, not much of a seamstress.  Sooo I took liberties as I love to do.  They didn’t say I COULDN’T…

I’ve always wanted to try painting a pixelated painting.  I googled pixel images and found one I liked that didn’t look too hard to copy. Next I needed a grid.  This is where the sewing part of the challenge comes in for me.

I looked everywhere for that cardboard grid that real seamstresses use, like this:


But no second hand store around me had any.  I went to a lovely store called Laura’s fabrics where the fab staff showed me a new cardboard grid.  $20.00.  Nope. Not doing that. And THEN, they showed me this:


Cue the angels singing.  It’s this gauzy fabric grid. $5.00!! Sold.  I glued it to an old cardboard backing from an old frame with this:


I found myself a pic I liked from google images, printed it on my printer, took a photo of the print-out with my iphone and changed it to b&w. Oh, I’m pretty sure there is an easier way, but I wasn’t interested in the eye rolling I’d receive from the daughter, so I did what I knew.


Then came the fun part.  I started with straight black and white craft paint.

IMG_2886 IMG_2888 IMG_2889

First came the black squares.  I counted down how many squares I needed as I painted.  I coloured in the squares on the print-out as I painted them so I wouldn’t get confused by which I had done and not done, since becoming confused tends to happen more often than I’d like to admit.  Be sure to do a solid job of painting each square, because going back and trying to match the grays could prove challenging.  For each gradation of gray, I added a blob of white to lighten the previous gray and moved through the squares until they were all filled in just like the print-out.


In this shot it looks like there are white bits in the painted squares, but the paint is wet and shiny, not white.  I painted an ombre’ background, going from white to turquoise.Close up, it looks like a bunch of sloppy squares, buuuut from far away….


It looks like a lady looking at the water!  I know this to be true since I quizzed everyone who came within a block of me.  They weren’t just appeasing a crazy lady, were they?  I plan to frame it and hang it far enough away so she remains forever gazing upon the waves and people won’t question “What the??”

Next month’s challenge?  Dollar Store finds.  OY!



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14 thoughts on “THE CRAFT CHALLENGE

  1. I’m guessing I’m not the first nor will I be the last to say, “You’ve done it again!”. Heck, maybe I’ve said it before 🙂 I just love everything you do.

    1. Oh my gosh you are too fantastically kind to me. I couldn’t keep doing this if it wasn’t for your supportive comments, so, really, it’s on you, lol!

  2. Okay Sandy… first of all I have to say you are B E A U T I F U l ! ! ! Seriously! I always wondered what you looked like :0) ! Secondly … this painting is awesome!!! You are so resourceful and talented and P A T I E N T ! ….. did I mention patient? Ha Ha . I could never pay attention that long to replicate every detail and square … that is why I don’t knit :0) I need instant gratification. Well done! Who’s the “super Woman” now?


    1. I was half fake! Dressed for my daughter’s wedding. Painting doesn’t just work on paper, lol. You are a peach to be so kind. I laughed when you called me patient. Talk to my husband And darn it, my suit still waits for fixin’

      1. Well …you certainly don’t look old enough to have a daughter old enough to marry!!!! I looked again and I can’t find the fake…? Hmmmmmm.

  3. Okay beautiful!!!! Time to get out your party dress cuz I’m inviting you over for a party this Thursday, August 6 starting at 6:00pm (my time) ….. bring your best furniture project (s) pleeeeeeeze! Yup! Starting my first linky party and I need my favorite peeps to join in (THAT’S YOU) to help make it a success:0) I would be honoured to have you link up!


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