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I Insist you GROW!



Here’s the next installment of my  contribution to the Craft Challenge.  If you missed it, I am partaking in this challenge for a couple of months to get the creative juices flowing. You can check out what I did last month on my last post. This month it’s making something from dollar store finds.

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So, walking around in a dollar store can either overwhelm you or inspire you.  I was very inspired, but then couldn’t decide which way I wanted to go.  I thought about what I had that I wanted to change, and went from there.



I picked these up for $1.25 each – my total was under $8.00.  And then I did this:



You are probably thinking I used the blooms for my project and I’ll be honest, I did picture it originally in the flower mode, but I thought it may end up looking too cheesy.  So I switched to the leaves instead.



I wrote out the word I wanted to adhere the leaves to with chalk.  I could have painted the tub first, but I liked the rugged crusty rustyness of it’s current condition.  From there, I just glue-gunned the leaves on the chalk letters being sure to cover any white.  I glued each leaf in several spots to be sure it really stuck.  I even fooled an ant that wandered through the leaves.  Now that’s rewarding.



And so you go until you have covered all the letters with the leaves.  See how leaves are less cheesy that blooms? And anyway, the tub has veggies growing in it, not flowers.  It would be like lying.  I can now sleep at night knowing I didn’t deceive you.



How fun is this!? Those lettuce leaves will burst forth with glorious form now that they’ve been instructed to do so.  I’m sure being planted in a bathtub in the first place was very confusing for them.   The finishing touch came from a vine I already owned:


Now what to do with all those blooms?

Here’s a start.


I can’t tell if she’s entirely delighted or absolutely embarrassed….


11 thoughts on “I Insist you GROW!

  1. Delighted or embarrassed… She is simply adorable! 🙂 What a wonderful idea for a project! I love your tub… I would totally use that in my house… But I would settle for a fresh salad out of it for now 🙂
    Great job! You have a great imagination and it seems your creative juices are certainly flowing! I hope you’re having a great week. My kiddies are finally back to school and I am starting to be able to breathe a little easier … Literally!
    Maybe I will make it back into the garage this week… We will see! 🙂

  2. This looks so great! Have you experimented with moss art at all? It looks like great fun, but unfortunately unlike this it would require constant maintenance to keep the letters in check.
    Very cool idea though 🙂

  3. Oh, Sandy. Personally, I’m glad you didn’t go with the blooms. If you drive through my almost 92 y/o dad’s village of the elderly, you’ll see that almost ALL of them have plastic flowers in pots around their houses. When we went in January, they were still there, faded, yes, but blooming like only fake ones can under the snow. 🙂

    I adore the bathtub and the GROW! And I laughed at the ant and the puppers. I can rest now that I have had a Sandy fix. ❤

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