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Gold and all that Glitters


This tray/table always seemed too high to me. I’m sure it would make a great little statement somewhere, like a fabulous little bar or something, but where we need it to be, it’s just ridiculously proportioned. A resting cup of coffee often got knocked before it actually got to the resting spot and that led to other problems like a smelly sofa – even though normally a cup of coffee smells like heaven to me. Not so good a few days later.

IMG_3642 Before Surgery

I had the hubs cut down the feet about 2″.  I would have asked for more, but the cross bars were there and they are needed.  It’s still a bit high, but I’m much more likely to swing that cup on top of the tray instead of into it.

I painted the tray high gloss white and the legs Metallic gold – both with Rustoleum spray paint which I got at the Home Depot. Silly me, I didn’t take a good pic of that process, but I’m pretty sure you know what that looks like anyway. If you don’t, you need to get out more. Just saying.

I really wanted to go all out with this make-over and cover the tray with some snazzy tile work, but pricing out the tile, thinset, grout and rental of the tool to cut tile to size just added up to too much money for this project. Another time perhaps.

IMG_3859   IMG_3860   IMG_3861 IMG_3862

Lovely daughter number 3 had some fab wrapping paper which I absconded and called my own. I glued it down so it wouldn’t curl up or shift over and eventually I will get some glass cut to fit in place. Don’t roll your eyes! I will so do it. Because that way I can slide some photos or postcards or book pages under the glass that can be changed out whenever I want.

Next I got out the lamp that needed vamping up and used the same spray paints as I did on the table. Thanks Rustoleum. I love you so.

IMG_2575  IMG_3870  IMG_3869 IMG_3885

I painted a thick raggedy stripe with gold craft paint on the top of the shade. I liked the raspy look of that.  I could have used the spray paint and you can if you prefer a clean line.


Notice the beautiful artwork? I was so excited when I saw it in all it’s glory when we were lucky enough to visit Paris this past September.  It was a quick 3 day visit, but luckily our second time there and so we focused on the Montmartre area only. We stayed at an adorable AirBNB  which was very tiny but packed with charm that only the French seem to be able to pull off no matter what they have to work with, with such ease. this painting was in the Artist’s quarter where many mini booths were set up with their interpretations of their city.  Hard to choose from but I knew from the second I saw it, it was mine. It’s of the Sacre Coeur which we stayed just a few steps from.  Here are a few snippets of the glorious trip:


IMG_3358 IMG_3353

That woman is posing like she knows me, but she doesn’t. I like the idea though. Makes me seem cooler. Like, I KNOW French people.

IMG_3335 IMG_3324 IMG_3334  Now I know how French people stay so slim – these are everywhere.  After awhile you get pretty good at them.

IMG_3363 IMG_3366 IMG_3369 IMG_3368 IMG_3355


IMG_3372 IMG_3454 IMG_3389

You probably noticed I have a lot of cafe’ shots.  It’s a great place for coffee and food, Paris. And so am I…

IMG_3447 IMG_3449 IMG_3450

these 3 above are from the Montmartre museum and they are also the actual studio of Renoir! I stood in that room in awe, which could account for this blurry picture…

IMG_3362 IMG_3327

The last two are from the AirBNB. Tres Bon!

And yes, you could see the Eiffel tower from the Sacre’ Ceour, and yes I took pics of that, but I’m sure you’ve seen that one billion times in your life already.

All that writing this post did was make me miss Paris.  If you haven’t been, I would still recommend it.  And if you go, tell me when…Maybe I’ll join you!!




18 thoughts on “Gold and all that Glitters

  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! Travel envy doesn’t even describe how I feel right now! Beautiful pictures! You are so lucky, thank you for the small holiday through your lens! Sighhhhhhhh …….. your bar cart is fabulous and the creativity running through that head of yours makes me stand in awe! It looks so high end! And that lamp! …. love your style!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    P.S. The blog looks serious fab too! 😉

    1. Oh and the blog! I thought you said you weren’t great on computer stuff – well I couldn’t figure out the header like you did. Had to get #3 to do it. Question : does your draft posts look like your published post? I’m always going back and forth trying to make it look the same. Sheesh.

      1. No, it won’t look like the published one, but if you save the draft and then click on preview it will show you what it will end up looking like! Also, you will need to go to appearance then customize header to change it to your picture. Hope it helps! Remember to always go to preview first 🙂

    1. Thanks SSM!! There is something about that place, isn’t there? It just grabs you and never lets you go! I’d live there if I could. It’s the only place I know that makes smoking look glamorous lol. Not that I smoke…

  2. I love what you did to the little stand. I just love metallics and you did a lovely lovely job. As always I’m so impressed with your spray painting skills.

      1. I don’t know, getting it without runs and patches is quite a feat. Anyway, yours looks lovely.

  3. Lovely- the “vision,” the gold, the dots, the photos of Paris. The map is a piece waiting to be highlighted. Is it linen? If so, may I suggest hanging it from an old wooden hanger, using pegs. A piece of art minus a frame. Chic. If paper, I’d create another tray table or hang, as above. It’s too “special” to be folded up and tucked away.
    Bien mon cher.

    1. Kind words!! Thank you. Unfortunately the map was just a photo I took of the paper map left for us by our lovely air bnb hostess to help us get around. Great ideas though! I have hung up some vintage flash cards by hanger before. It’s a fun look. Great minds, they say…

      1. Perhaps print the photo of the map onto canvas? Play with the camera apps. The map is worthy, a beautiful memory to hold to.

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