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Evolution of a Master Bedroom

Since I am just weeks away from the new frontier of townhouse living, I thought I’d wander down memory lane and look at how I got where I am going.  You get to see my sometimes odd decision making from the beginning, and along with me can say “what were you thinking!??”  I promise not to be offended, I’ll probably say it more than you.

When we moved in 7 years ago, the master was adorned with plain white walls.  Then came the first attempt of coolness.  I won’t even make it a bigger picture.  You’re welcome.


Who needs hallucinogenics?  Raspberry, turquoise, chocolate brown and the chartreuse green I love so much.  It hurts me (and my eyes!) even now to admit that I did this.  It did not last long, but the edges of each stripe was razor sharp, I’ll give myself that.

Master before

Toned down somewhat.  Funky and fun.  Restful?  Not so much.


The addition of the Board and Batten wall treatment.  If you want to see how, check here.  On my way to better things.


New bedding – almost there…and if you want to see how I covered the lamps with Home Depot rope, check here.


Addition of writing on the headboard – misspelled words and all. I show how I did that with a Home Depot drop cloth right here.

IMG_2205 A favourite project adds funk. Check it out here.

IMG_4054 And if you want to give good old potato printing another go since Kindergarten, check out how right here.

Aside from shifting my art from spot to spot and wall to wall, you are pretty much caught up on this evolution.  I think about the new bedroom constantly.  Who knows what will actually happen there, but you can be guaranteed I will try to make it spectacular.  And no more stripes….




19 thoughts on “Evolution of a Master Bedroom

  1. “Misspelled words and all” — the essence which keeps it relatable, comfortable, and human! People would even do that on purpose with a *wink* to be clever … so I super love it. Bravo!

    1. I only wish I was that clever, lol. I do plan on fixing it since its been bugging me since I discovered it, but I’m such a shameful procrastinator … Maybe when it’s off the wall.. I was just on your site before I posted wondering where you’ve been. So glad you still exist, you talent is huge. Get on something!

      1. Well, what a lovely thing to say! Funny timing, today my friend at work said, “Hey, I heard you have a blog….” and I was like omigosh where in the woooooooorld has the time gone?! I am definitely posting something very soon… gotta get back on the horse! 😀

  2. Wow! What an amazing transition. Actually I like them all but I can see how the first attempt would not be restful exactly (I suppose an energising bedroom can be good for a marriage though 😉 ) The board and batten walls are beautiful – going to check out your how-to right now.

  3. It’s so fun to look back sometimes and see how much we have “evolved”! lol! We all have those pictures that we don’t particularly care to enlarge but it’s where you landed now that matters! Thank you for showing us your imperfect side! I loved every one of your projects leading up to this post … you are so creative my friend! Hope your move is going well!

  4. Um, I’m SMH here. I wrote a comment when you first posted this, and it asked me for my info, and then said it was waiting for you to approve. (Like you wouldn’t approve of any comment I made. As if.)

    Anyway, my comment isn’t here and I never got your reply and I now think that WP is punishing me for not blogging like I know I should. 😒

    Anyway. I like all the different ideas. But I ADORE the dresser. ❤️

    1. I actually did get the other comments about all your smashing news about weddings – totally my fault for taking so long to respond (and approve which I thought I did) I feel like I’m spinning out of control trying to downsize still work etc etc. But I loved “hearing” your voice again. Be careful about inviting me to Chicago – it would be an absolute blast, wouldn’t it? You must be exhausted with all that wedding prep and congrats on scoring great daughter and son inlaws. It makes a difference for sure. And one final word: psssht you could so paint ANYthing.. Just do it, silly. 😘

      1. Ahhhh, you always boost my spirits. But, it takes real skill to tape like you, so you’ll need to make a run down here after you move, of course. 😜

        Yes, soooo excited about the shower and wedding. It’s good. ❤️

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