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I See a Red Door and I Want it Painted Black…



For all you younger gens, the title I chose for this post is a famous Rolling Stones song about depression, or Anger, or Angst or maybe all three.  It just seemed like a clever lead in to my next few projects that I want to share with you. Because I love clever.

One of these projects I did eons ago, but still works, and so if you missed it you can go way, way back,  or you can follow along now.

Notice the striped fabric in the above picture?  It’s the super inexpensive beauty from Ikea.  I wanted graphic, bold and timeless, and that fabric fit the bill (and the billfold if you get my drift!)

Here’s a photo of the original blind and staging when we looked at the house with that EXQUISITE beige paint you know I love so much. They set it up as a breakfast nook, but it serves our purposes better to be an office :


On the right wall of this room is a cut out through to the kitchen which you will see on another post. (I think it’s turning out FanTAStic btw!!)

Take down that blind, lay it on a flat roomy space like so:


IMG_4262 IMG_4264 IMG_4263

Get your supplies and new fabric together.  Now really, I should have taken more step by step photos here, but being impatient and forgetful (NEVER a good combo), I didn’t.  Again, it’s super easy but if you want a better idea of what I did, go back to the original post, and it’s better defined for you.  Really, all I did was cut my Ikea striped fabric about 2″ bigger width wise, but maybe a foot longer than the original to accommodate those folds.  I purchased 2 rolls of iron on fabric tape available at most any store that carries craft or sewing supplies.  I would recommend the strongest one they offer.  I only got medium strength and I did need to touch up with the iron a lot to make it stick. Also a little of the Aleens sticky spray for those stubborn bits.

I ran the fabric tape cut in strips the width of the blind everywhere there was a seam.  Easy enough to just mimic the current blind. Follow the directions on how to use the product properly.  They didn’t write those instructions for their health, people.  And YES I hate reading instructions, but sometimes, you just gotta.

Once all your seams are done, you just flip it over and fold over those side edges using the fabric tape again to hold it in place.  You can’t really see the back side of my blinds so I didn’t worry too much about the unfinished edges, but if you want you can double fold the edge before taping.


And now you can see that I painted that little (its only about 6′ wide) office black to hide all the wires and electronics that seemed to yell “LOOK AT ME” when the room was beige like so below. We changed out the boob ceiling light to that handsome dude with giant bulb. Love.



Now it’s a perfect little get-away.  Lie down and snooze or blog a post, or both!


4 thoughts on “I See a Red Door and I Want it Painted Black…

  1. Painted my front door black about 20 years ago, and got a ton of grief about it until they saw it and then it’s like, cool. 🙄

    That bit of useless trivia aside, I love the black walls with the white woodwork, it’s stunning. And it’s soooo brave in your typical fashion.

    I love the blinds, but ain’t no way I’d be able to do it. I cannot measure anything to save my soul or the souls of others as much as I’d try.

    That white desk chair KILLS ME! I want.


    1. OK so you honestly think I measured? 😄 and I got the chair from my daughter’s friend who was tossing it! But good news, it’s from Ikea. So we can now be office sistas. Having fun with b&w. Thanks for the encouragement. Loving your insta feed

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