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Black walls – Trending – And I’m all IN!


When it was decided that we’d be getting the beige off all the walls I couldn’t decide on exactly which way we should go other than a warm white as the main colour.

Of course, I do my best thinking when I should be sleeping, and it was on one of those nights that I came up with the idea of black.  There is this long wall that runs along the kitchen (Wait till you see the kitchen’s amazing transformation!!) and runs to the back door.  I thought it would make the most amazebomb feature wall and for the longest time I pictured it white and how I’d have to paint all the white things I already owned black so they’d “pop” off the white wall.  Then it hit me. Duh. Reverse that. Dramatic black wall+ currently owned white items = SHAZAM.

Bonus being the cords from all those husband loved electronics in the connecting office now disappear into the wall colour.  Love.  Divorce dodged.  If you need a reminder of the office transformation, check out the last post.

Back to the long wall adjacent to the kitchen and office.

IMG_4236  Beautifully black.

Next comes some major decisions.  Once you make a mark on a black wall, you will notice it forever.  Touch up is very noticeable on black.

I decided majority of my art etc would be held up by the fantastic albeit expensive genius of 3M products.  Do you remember this Homesense mirror, this dear Deer head, these plates and these books?

IMG_0711 IMG_0234



Here’s their new home, all cuddled together, cozy-like.


There, and I’m even giving you a little sneak peek into the new pumped up kitchen.  You’re welcome.

To add a little DIY to this post, (other than the encouragement to go black!) I needed to consider how downsizing can be beautiful AND practical.

Do you also remember this adorbs little chair my friend gave me?

IMG_2399  IMG_2404

How I added polka dot stickers left over from my bathroom make-over and spray painted the whole thing yellow, peeled off the dots and got this?


Cute, right?  Well, you may also recall that now we live in a worm belly coloured home and this yellow is positively eye burning next to that band-aid colour.

So since spray painting and polka dots worked so well for me last time I thought I’d repeat and rejoice.  Not so fast.  I bought $ store stickers and plastered that chair within an inch of it’s life.


Sprayed it a pretty blue (thanks again Rustoleum), peeled off those dots and GAH!


Too sweet, too cutsy, too too not welcome here.

Scrap that idea.  Since I had no argument with the blue, I painted just the slats black and white with craft paint and called it a day.

IMG_4378  IMG_4380

That accomplished, I pondered where to store it since when company came, it’s always nice to have extra seating available at your fingertips, right?


Problem solved. Not only does it serve a practical purpose, it looks like art on the black wall!  I screwed a hook into the stud so that the weight of the chair is not a problem, and there you have it. Seating at the ready.  If you are passing this way, there’s a chair with your name on it.








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