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No DIY, but still Interesting??

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And I hope you had a Blessed Christmas too.

Auckland, New Zealand

After traveling for a month through some of Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu I wondered what would you, the readers, want to see? I did not want to give you the typical holiday pics, and I did no DIY to speak of except the card box for my Niece’s wedding (the original reason for the trip to Oz) which was so no biggie, you would thank me for not showing you.

So I scanned through my photos and chose a few to show you from two beautiful 1922 homes, one in Brisbane, Australia and the other in Auckland, New Zealand. The rest just made me chuckle and I thought would capture the trip in a fun way.

img_5356 img_5371 img_5378 img_5422 img_5362 img_5383 img_5398

These beauties above are all from one house in Brisbane.  Killer beauty.  1922 main house with a bit of a modern update with the kitchen and family room.  Spectacular rooms, spectacular hosts, and I wish I had taken more photos to show you, but frankly I was overwhelmed and not alone…

Next came this classy number from Auckland, New Zealand where a friend gets to live in this beautiful home.

img_5081 img_5243 img_5046 img_5044

And I couldn’t resist adding the next few pictures from a couple of restaurants.

img_5031 img_5205

I kind of want this in my house.  Is that wrong?



Now for a few signs I thought you’d like as much as I did.

img_5211 img_5210 img_5209

These three are from a bungee jump building in Queenstown, New Zealand.  Believe it or not they are made from bajillions of Jelly Belly jellybeans! Impressive and good thing I wasn’t doing it.  You’d be looking at blank pages.  Yum.


A little blurry but hopefully you can still make it out.  And no, I didn’t.


Frisbee golf! Who knew it was a thing? And no I didn’t do this either.


Yes please, every now and again.

img_5147 img_5148

OK not really signs, but still funny. Coffee shop cups from the Auckland airport. I totally did this.


Please don’t do what this sign says, Australians.


I swear I don’t know what this could mean.  I was afraid to go in.


Good to know.


Good-er to know, but wishing I didn’t need to.

And there you have it. A four week trip condensed into 28 pictures. Excellent! Till next time. Got some projects up my sleeve.






12 thoughts on “No DIY, but still Interesting??

  1. Oh, that’s my dream trip. Beautiful photos. I love seeing signs in the places I travel. My favorites ones included one near a jetty in Washington state that said “Disposal of animal carcasses prohibited.” They evidently had a problem with this. My other favorite was along the Oregon coast, warning of “sneaker waves.” All I could imagine were huge rolling waves of tennis shoes.

  2. Happy New Year!!! You must have enjoyed your trip. Very enlightening read and beautiful photos. I did bungee jump off the Kawarau bridge when I was there. Didn’t know what I was doing back then. 😁

  3. I loved the Jelly Bean rendition of the “Gothic House” painted by Grant Wood! The house is in Eldon, Iowa, a small town 20 minutes away. They built a museum on the land and have clothes you may use to get a picture of yourself in front of the house, like the farmer and his daughter.

  4. WOW! You are so lucky to have visited all these amazing places! I’m drooling over the unique architectural details in those photos! … that door knob! I can’t wait to see what projects you have on the go! Have an amazing week 🙂

    1. Hi Terry!! Why are we not blogging more? I’ve been so distracted as of late, but plan to get my self organized and back on the blogging trail. I miss our chats! I hope you are well. Thanks for your kind comments over the years 💛

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