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No DIY, but still Interesting??

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And I hope you had a Blessed Christmas too. After traveling for a month through some of Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu I wondered what would you, the readers, want to see? I did not want to give you the typical holiday pics, and I did no DIY to speak of except… Continue reading No DIY, but still Interesting??

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Spots Before My Eyes

So as much as I love a bold statement and am crazy about how this Kelly green shouts out “LOOK AT ME” to you all, it still wasn’t enough. I know, I know, to some of you it’s already too much but you also know me enough to say, yeah, she needs more. Here’s what… Continue reading Spots Before My Eyes

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Paint, You Are A Friend of Mine

  How many times have you fallen in love with a piece of furniture, or piece of art, or accessory only to realize it just won’t work in your space.  But you love it, and it’s a great deal (or even if it’s not) and it would be perfect except for the one small detail… Continue reading Paint, You Are A Friend of Mine

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“Close Your Eyes and Tap Your Heels Three Times…”

Unlike me, Pepsi, our partner in crime has finally settled in.  Or she’s reminiscing her former life where moving and upheaval do not exist. First off, my apologies to all those fab bloggers I follow whom I have neglected in recent times, I will play catch up on all your posts ASAP.  We actually just… Continue reading “Close Your Eyes and Tap Your Heels Three Times…”

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CROSS my heart and hope to DIY

You may remember this quick fix with my dingy ottoman and our queen duvet cover. And how I thought when summer was over I would carefully remove the staples and reclaim the bedding…  Well, THAT didn’t happen.  But never-mind, I will still use the part of the fabric that wasn’t destroyed for some project later… Continue reading CROSS my heart and hope to DIY

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Mid-Century Modern-er

Here is what I’m noticing.  People are getting creative!  Not only because of the influences of the old standbys of decorating shows and magazines, there’s Pinterest, Instagram, Websites and Blogs that inspire us, help us to dream and spur us on to try something we may never have thought of doing or just encouraging us… Continue reading Mid-Century Modern-er