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Moving Right Along…

  First off – is it just me, or is it weird to be writing on a day that doesn’t always exist? I’ll try not to think too hard on this, I may give myself a case of  Twilight Zone syndrome, of which I am sure is a thing, dodododo. So as we make all… Continue reading Moving Right Along…

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Gold and all that Glitters

This tray/table always seemed too high to me. I’m sure it would make a great little statement somewhere, like a fabulous little bar or something, but where we need it to be, it’s just ridiculously proportioned. A resting cup of coffee often got knocked before it actually got to the resting spot and that led… Continue reading Gold and all that Glitters

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The Day Whimsey Came to the Kingdom

Once there was a very Sad Little Experiment.  Since the Experiment failed, it was hidden away in the darkest corner of the house, left to fend for itself. There, it came in contact with many a cruel twist of fate. Glasses with drips, plates with sloppy eaters, bumps, scrapes, dust, grime and not a bit… Continue reading The Day Whimsey Came to the Kingdom