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Seriously, What Was I Thinking?

To put a brand spankin’ new WHITE spotted Ikea rug at the front door!  Yes, the rug is indoor-outdoor worthy, yes, it cleans up pretty well, yes it hardly cost a thing…but those white spots still didn’t stand a chance of staying white. If you need it, here’s proof that walking in and out all… Continue reading Seriously, What Was I Thinking?

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The Good, the Bad and the Little Bit Ugly

If I told you that I painted the rug in this picture, would you think I am Decorating Awesomeness? Especially if this was the before….  After looking in dismay at my “No Fade” outdoor rug, I thought it was time to buy a new one. DON’T DO IT! Said my panicked cheap inner voice. Try… Continue reading The Good, the Bad and the Little Bit Ugly