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Big Beautiful Backsplash

Here’s a little reminder of how the kitchen looked when we moved in.  Note in the first picture there is an upper cabinet beside the window.  To the left of it, above the fridge is another, shorter cabinet, slightly useless since it’s so far back.  You know the type, you may even own one yourself.… Continue reading Big Beautiful Backsplash

before and after

The Day Whimsey Came to the Kingdom

Once there was a very Sad Little Experiment.  Since the Experiment failed, it was hidden away in the darkest corner of the house, left to fend for itself. There, it came in contact with many a cruel twist of fate. Glasses with drips, plates with sloppy eaters, bumps, scrapes, dust, grime and not a bit… Continue reading The Day Whimsey Came to the Kingdom

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Et de Deux – Light Fixture Change-Up

There it is – The second of the two traditional ceiling light fixtures transformed! Jogging your memory for you: Lovely if you like traditional.  Not so much if you don’t. One day, perusing through Pinterest as I tend to do far, far too often, I came across a blogger who made her rental unit more… Continue reading Et de Deux – Light Fixture Change-Up

before and after · DIY · Home Depot · Painting

Imitation Louboutin….sort of

Will I ever be able to afford a pair of  Louboutin shoes?  Maybe, maybe not….but in the meanwhile, here’s my take on the  Louboutin trademark on a free find – and it’s still transportation, n’est pas?     Notice my paint can opener?  Sorry Martha Stewart, I shall never learn. Paint from the Home Depot.         Oops!… Continue reading Imitation Louboutin….sort of