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Love me two times

Bird repainted artOkay, heres the thing.  Sometimes you can’t find the right look, size, colour, feel, or price of artwork for your space.   A solution I use all the time is to change what I already own into something unique and custom made just for me.  I wish I had some befores to show you, and maybe I’ll do one for you in the future, but this time you’ll have to use your imagination just a little.

This bird picture started out with a yellow and brown basket-weave  background, the branch ended after the bird’s right foot and there was a random coffee cup floating in the right hand corner.  Ugly with a capitol U.  The artwork was on sale – because of said ugliness- for $22.00.  It’s 36″ square.  That’s pretty big, you can’t buy a plain canvas for $22.00, not even close!  People looked at me in the store line-up with pity for my poor judgement in my purchase.  They snickered and whispered to each other.  Even the friend I was with doubted the awesomeness I knew it would become.  A little craft paint and Sharpie felt pen and I have tailor-made art for my living room!


Then there’s the add-on.  If you look closely you can see the actual artwork ends at the stamps.  I’ve mounted the poster to a larger sized canvas and painted the surrounding canvas as if it’s an extension of the art.  You can get as detailed or  keep it as simple as you want.

And of course the “love the frame, but the art doesn’t work” artwork.  Here’s two examples:

city art


Paint directly on the canvas after taping off the frame.  The great thing is if you don’t like how it turned out or if  the colour needs to change when you change your decor, you can do it again.  I want to proudly note that my sister Pipi Tustian is the artist for the floral artwork.  She just loved the frame. (You can find more of her work at ).

You can pick up canvas on sale at the bigger chain stores, or I also get them and/or framed art at the thrift stores and garage sales.  Be brave, don’t worry what those people in line or cashiers think.   And leave a few for me!

10 thoughts on “Love me two times

  1. You are so creative, it blows my mind. Now, if I could figure out how to get some of that to rub off on me, that would be nice.

    1. Actually, I have seen your blog so I think you’d do just fine!! Stripes are great in different colours and super easy or even that ombre look going dark to light. Never say never! And thanks for the thumbs up.

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