Board and Batten Bedroom


The technique of Board and Batten has been covered by many, and here are pictures of my foray down the B and B lane. I’ll give a basic overview of  how we executed the project, but I won’t go into too much detail since we’ve all seen the million and 2 websites/blogs that have done that.  But of course if you have any questions for me, I am happy to answer them!

It isn’t a hard project to do, just time consuming and repetitive.  We purchased 2″ x 3/4″ primed MDF strips to install 12″ apart vertically on the wall, including extras to run under the crown moulding horizontally so the vertical strips will have something to butt into at the top. We precut the bottoms on a 45 degree angle to finish off the look.

board and batten strips IMG_1637 IMG_1916

Big Tip: To be sure we were consistent with the 12″ spacing between strips, we cut a piece of the MDF strip to 12″ and held this piece horizontally between the vertical strips as we worked our way around the room. Also using an nail gun saves SO much time. It’s also kind of fun and this led to constant “no, it’s my turn to use it” situations. Let’s just say that to continue to have help I begrudgingly gave up my turn quite often (imagine me pouting here, and my husband grunting ala Tim the Toolman Taylor). Ah compromise!

board and batten project.    IMG_0105    board and batten project

Four coats of white satin latex paint (you heard me) and the walls are done! I then painted the window frames from brown to high gloss white.

I took old bifold closet doors the previous home owners left behind, separated them and flanked one of the windows to add a little more personality into the room. They are held in place by small L brackets that I attached to the top of each closet panel and then secured to the wall.

IMG_1842 IMG_1859 IMG_1858 IMG_1912

Now that the walls are white, I will eventually be re-covering the headboard with a solid colour – probably charcoal grey.  I originally made the headboard before I started blogging, so it will be a good project for the future. I’ll keep you post-ed.


14 thoughts on “Board and Batten Bedroom

  1. Your bedroom looks fabulous! I love how you include humour in your blog all the time as you create laughter in my tummy. Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas with us. :~)

  2. I am not a handy person around the house so I admire you so much. The changes you take on not only enhance but the project themselves make me marvel at you. If I was ever to try it, I would keep your humour in mind.

  3. I love how your bedroom came together! Thank you for showing another way board and batten can be done to make a big difference! Can’t wait to see your future posts!

  4. Love it. Quick question for you. Did you paint battens and trim first or paint everything all at the same time???

    wecare planning to do in bath, laundry and kitchen rooms.


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