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Done Like (Burnt) Dinner

IMG_0269I believe planning this armoire took more thinking than my wedding!  Here it is, not perfect, but certainly better than what I had posted before.  So I bet you’re asking yourself, “what about the scratch map? The reason for the armoire in the first place?”


Well, I listened to you, AND tried to stay true to myself…no easy feat, if you must know.  After I got over the fact that I may disappoint you that I may not figure out a way to create an thing of beauty that I’ll never get that scratch map off and re-position it somewhere else and where would that somewhere else even be and what if I stick a map on and it’s wrong but I’ve already cut it and what if I should have picked that other map in the first place and do you actually need to see the whole map of Latvia and who will feel hurt if their country isn’t represented and would that nice man with the nice white jacket take me to that nice padded room before all these questions would be answered??? Then I realized that your disappointment in me wouldn’t last forever, that one day in the near future I would blow your mind with some other amazing project (I am EVER the optimist, if nothing else), and that when all the dust settles, everything will be ok! That said, here is how it got done: IMG_0255 IMG_0257IMG_0260 IMG_0262 IMG_0249  IMG_0247  IMG_0248  IMG_0264  Shout out to fellow blogger  The Curator’s Collection – I got the idea to wrap the hardware in rope like she did for one of her own projects, which is a great idea since I couldn’t find hardware that had the same hole span as mine did. Now I can’t wait for future guests to come and change the look of the map from gold to colour.  Since it is the GUEST room it is taking quite a bit of restraint on my part not to go in there and do a bit of scratching, I’ve been a few places myself, yo. At this point, I would like to say thank you, readers, for all your generous comments.  Without them I may very well have walked away from the project entirely and would have continually fought the urge to just torch the thing. When you come visit, get ready to scratch!


25 thoughts on “Done Like (Burnt) Dinner

  1. I think its unique and interesting !! (didn’t my mom always say that about my artwork?)
    Book me in a night, so i can scratch 🙂

  2. I’m available tomorrow night! 😉 I love it!! I would be a horrible guest because I would be stuck staring at the maps! I love maps! You would be chatting away and all you would get back is the occasional “Uhuh” LOL

  3. Way to persevere!!! Well done! We have all been there and after a bit of headache it turns out just fine in the end! You go girl! I can’t wait to see what you have on the go next….. Smiles!

  4. wow! i’m inspired! i have very ugly laminate armoire that was left in our home (my office now) when we bought our home. its gross but useful storage – this option makes it cool and useful! thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVE how this turned out! It’s completely unique, and any guest with a little wanderlust will appreciate that piece in your guest bedroom. Well done!

      1. Glad to hear it. I am enjoying posting about the crazy stuff we are up to around here and love to read what fellow DIY’ers are up to too. Keep up the nice work!

  6. I was delighted when I popped over to your page to see if the armoire had been completed to find it so, with great creativity and an entertaining post to boot! I’m a fan of the NYC map. I’ve collected a few old NYC road maps and just enjoy finding them in great condition.

    Before this day, I’d not known scratch maps existed. Thank you for introducing me to this delightful thing!

  7. Love it. Great idea! PS. I have that same ‘Marilyn’ book that is on your white end table showing on your face page. Like me I believe you have taken the dust jacket off – it is such a nice hard cover.

    1. There is something about books for decorating – even if you don’t read! (I do) I can’t seem to have enough – I’m guessing you use them a lot too because you noticed mine ….kindred decorating spirit! Thanks for popping in.

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