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Tack Attack


Once again, here’s my found-on-the -curbside recycling box.  Lovely!  Only I can’t seem to leave well enough alone.  Is that a flaw? An adventurous spirit? A creative bent? Stupid?


Well, regardless, I wanted to try this technique and so darn it, you’re coming along for the ride, like it or not.

IMG_0594  IMG_0592

I purchased 5 packs of 24 upholstery tacks from the Home Depot for about $20.00.  This may sound like a lot for tacks, but if you can change the entire look of something for 20 bucks, I think it’s worth the investment.

Consider how much pattern you want to go with your current decorating style.  Maybe just outlining the drawer shape in tacks is enough. Maybe filling the entire space up top to bottom for a bling bling look is more you.  Know thy decorating style, people!  But don’t panic if you make a faux pas, there’s always putty to fill in the mistakes.  Same goes for if you get a little wobbly on your lines.  It’s a project where time is your BFF.  That and a steady hand. (Maybe one less cup o coffee for me……..naw.)

I’ve used a watercolour pencil to draw my pattern out.  Once I put the studs in, I can wipe the pencil lines off with a damp paper towel.  Chalk would work too, but the lines won’t be as crisp and your tacks could end up a bit wonky.  I traced the circles with bowls as my templates, varying the sizes since the drawers are different sizes.

IMG_0601 Bad spacing? I used a knife tip to pull out the offending tack/tacks.

Here is where reality set in.  If I was the type of person who was a  meticulous, do-it-till-it’s-done kind, I would still be outside pounding my little heart out, but I’m not.  So, the failure parts of this project are:  a) Ran out of tacks. I thought I bought over the amount I needed, but for me to be able to outline the drawers as well as outline the circles, I need maybe 3 times the amount of tacks I purchased –  (I have never said I was good at math).  No longer a $20 project.  b) Ran out of time/patience.  Self explanatory.  c)  I wanted to find vintage brass numbers in varying looks for each drawer.  You know you can’t find them for looking!  It’s when you aren’t looking that you find bajillions.

The successful parts of this project were:   a) I learned how to handle those darned slippery tacks. Drawer 1 took longer than 2 or 3, simply because I was getting the hang of it.   b) I confirmed to myself what my limitations are for detailed handiwork. ( too many- but I’m ok with that! ) I also think it could be great to use those connected tack strips you can buy at the upholstery shops for straight lines.  A time/patience saver!  Maybe for that headboard I still haven’t made. (sheepish grin here) and most importantly c) I didn’t whack my fingers with the hammer!

IMG_0600 Me, in tack form.

My long term plan is to still outline the drawers in tacks, and to find those elusive numbers ( I’ll pretend I’m not looking and then SHAZAM! there they will be in all their glory ripe for the picking ) and I will show you how that works out too.

Sometimes DIY is like that.  It’s all good.

9 thoughts on “Tack Attack

  1. I’ve noticed a few numbered dresser drawers on places like Pinterest lately, it’s a cute idea. What a creative way of doing it. I have a few packs of tacks lying around, I might have to try this idea.

  2. I’m smiling. Though I don’t think I would use this in my home but it’s a terrific idea to pass onto a friend for her kid’s room shared by two little girls. She just acquired two matching older bureaus that need painting and I’m sending here a link to this article. Blog on!

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