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Moving Right Along…



First off – is it just me, or is it weird to be writing on a day that doesn’t always exist? I’ll try not to think too hard on this, I may give myself a case of  Twilight Zone syndrome, of which I am sure is a thing, dodododo.

So as we make all the repairs on the house for the new owners that we should have done for ourselves ages ago, (you know how that works), I can’t help but become melancholy.  I know we were only in this house for just shy of 7 years, but lots happened in that time and I was just getting it to where I wanted it to be…Oh who am I kidding, it would have been a continuous change up anyway.

IMG_1599 IMG_1661

IMG_0018  IMG_1747 IMG_0701 IMG_0711  IMG_1512 IMG_1763 Screen shot 2016-01-19 at 12.37.38 PM Screen shot 2016-01-19 at 12.38.05 PM IMG_0829 IMG_0860

Case in point – and this is just the front entry!

Since we don’t get actual possession of the new place until mid April, I have spent many nights staring up at the ceiling waiting and failing to fall asleep. What fits where? Keep or get rid of? Paint or don’t (why do I even bother with that question I don’t know). Replace the cabinets or just the doors or just paint? Bathfitters to cover the beige or rip and replace? I would love to hear experiences with that system if you did it.

I’m thinking of having an accessory exchange party, where everyone brings their nice, well kept accessories they no longer want and exchange it for someone else’s likewise. Has anyone tried this? If yes, do tell.


And so, I will continue on with the little home tour of my favourite house EVER (for now – I’m really, really hoping I’ll feel the same about the next one). At least I will get to see for myself even, how much love and sweat and creativity I poured in.  I said at the beginning of my blogging life, I would share the successes and failures (which in my mind have been few and far between. Since you have all been so kind with your comments over the years, I can only assume this). Comment about anything you want to share about moving or leaving or your homes or my home or, well, anything! And thanks for popping in!




17 thoughts on “Moving Right Along…

  1. I feel for you, leaving all your beautiful decorating behind. Just yesterday I did a mental inventory of the number of times we’ve redecorated each room of our house over the 27 years we’ve lived there. I’m wishing we had the money/time right now for a complete re-do of the family room. It would be a terrible wrench to leave all those projects behind, especially since most of them were done with the help of my darling children, so there are many, many good memories involved.

      1. Frugal is the name of the game in all our projects, out of necessity. Example: we did a gorgeous (but budget) re-do of our bedroom over the Christmas holiday, but couldn’t afford the larger mattress to go with the larger bed…hoping we’ll be able to afford that luxury sometime this year!

  2. As beautiful as you’ve made this house … a new chapter awaits you and it might just be even better! New memories and projects await you! Keep your chin up my friend!

    1. Thanks Miss T,
      I know, I’ll be fine. I’m getting a little more excited. I think it’s that middle waiting time that’s getting to me. Chomping at the bit as they say. Love the stuff you’re doing with linky btw

  3. Don’t be sad for what you leave behind, be excited for what you are about to discover.

    When you say bathfitters, do you mean repainting/enamelling the bath? If so, I wouldn’t recommend it. Or do you mean fitting a new bath ‘shell’ inside the existing bath? Again I wouldn’t recommend it.

    When we moved into our house the previous owners had had the whole bathroom re-enamelled in white. Lovely…until it started to peel and we found that it discolours easily. The company were very difficult to deal with and then, when they did finally fix up the problems, it only lasted a few months. The bath was the worst so we decided to fit a bath liner. This made the bath significantly shallower and smaller but, more importantly, the natural angle of the new bath liner meant that the water would never completely drain out – there’d always be 1cm of water in the bath.

    You can imagine the hassle with the fitting company. In the end, we ripped the entire bath out and fitted a new one. It was more expensive than the other options but in the end it was a much better result.

    1. Oooh thank you for the warning. I’ve only heard how good it looks by people who did it to sell. They never actually used it. I don’t know that I want to risk all you mentioned. Looks like I’ll be blogging about a tear out!

  4. Moving is exciting, I love hearing about your thought process… I would be sleepless as well. On the idea of exchanging accessories – Love it! I would suggest that if you do this, you limit items others bring to 5 or less and that they tag all items with a number or initials and a price, like a consignment boutique would do. It is much easier for people to make decisions if they know in advance a firm price (leave negotiating to those so inclined). Also- really refine your invitation list, a who likes what and who has what match up. I hope you do this and post about it, successful or not…. Happy moving/decorating!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Great ideas. I think we will just do freebies – trade one for one. I like the limit idea though and refining the list. Might as well have people who have similar tastes. Oh and you can be assured I’ll post!

  5. I’m so excited for you! I can imagine, also, the melancholy. We both wept when we moved from our little cottage after seven years, little one was born there (so to speak). But that was 23 years ago. Looking forward to a change someday, but know this next move will be tougher than the first.

    I would really inventory and determine what you simply don’t need/want/love. The rest pack away in boxes and decide once you move. It takes time for a house to whisper its longings to you, and you to it. I look forward to hearing about that conversation. And watching as you honor it in your decorating.


    1. I’m so glad to know you are alive!!
      No I will not bring boxes of stuff I know won’t fit. It’s time to purge! Mostly hubbys stuff haha…I love this house but it is just a house after all. We are moving so close to this one that not much besides the proximity to the ocean will change, and I have some projects lined up (in my head, anyway). I hope you are well and has the wedding happened already?

      1. Let’s see, son was married NYE it was a fun court house wedding downtown Chicago. We love our DIL and are thrilled.

        Now, daughter gets married on June 11, church, reception, dancing, and thank God an open bar 😜. Got MOB dress. Bethani is ticking off the boxes on her list. We are excited. Big shower on the 30th. It’s coming soon!!! Love, love, love our gonna be SIL.

        WordPress is making me put my email in again like I’m a guest. Sniff. My punishment for not writing? Which, I can’t explain. So much happening.

        Hugs my friend. I shall like to move closer to the ocean. ❤️

  6. I really “love” your style. I have a thing for chandeliers, too- prints and the real thing. One can never have enough sparkle. Also white framed mirrors. Your birch tree wallpaper is a very “cool” touch. I am thinking of adding wallpaper to one wall. It must be difficult to leave what you have so obviously cared for. Lucky new owners. I can’t wait to see your future decorating plans. Faux cowhide rugs? They add a bit of an edge to vintage and glam decor.
    Fabulous post.

    1. Hiya! Thank you for the fantastically kind words, you make my head swell! I’m starting to get excited about the new projects ahead. And just FYI, I painted those trees on the wall because I couldn’t afford the real thing, haha I’m so cheap 😉 but paint or wallpaper I love a feature wall so I say do it!!

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